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Re: classroom management or misunderstanding forms of resis

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Alix E. Peshette (apeshet)
Tue, 10 Feb 1998 18:45:11 +0000

> Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 18:17:48 -0700
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> From: (Bunki Kramer)
> Subject: Re: classroom management or misunderstanding forms of resistance?

Re: Understanding forms of resistance?

I know from my decade-plus of experience with 7th graders, that some
students make calculated and conscious decisions to be disruptive. There are
various pay-offs they get from this behavior. Yes, I could take the
time to discern what motivates this behavior. What I mostly see is that they
are making a choice. Life is full of choices and I am a great believer in natural
consequences. One consequence is flunking art! Another consequence is being
told to leave the room and be elsewhere. Public school is maybe the
last bastion in a child's life where inappropriate and disruptive behavior is
tolerated. Just try bad attitude and disruption in the true world of work!!

As Bunki said, with class sizes in the thirties and limited time,
we need to address the needs of the students who are there to learn.
The disruptors are stealing time and attention away from motivated students.
Be it goldfish crackers or terrific tickets (my motivational mode) we do
what works on any given day, to the benefit of the students who are
there to learn!!

-Alix Peshette
Emerson Junior High School
7th grade art and 7th grade social studies
Davis, CA

> Kevin wrote:
> >Busy work, reading and writing as punishment, and feeding crackers to
> >students , as if they were a k-9 salivating at the sound of a bell,
> >transmit and legitimate the structure and ideology of schooling as a site
> >of useless information and textual knowledge as punishment while limiting
> >the potential to readdress student resistance into critical processes of
> >challenging the status quo.
> .....................
> And I have a question for you, Kevin. How long has it been since you've
> taught in the k-12 classroom? I have an average of 36 students in each of
> my classroom periods at the middle school level. Counting time for demo and
> clean-up minutes, that gives me approx. 40-45 seconds to spend with each
> student during classwork time. I have no time to "re-address student
> resistance into critical processes of challenging the status quo". I have
> little time to re-adjust disruptive students into another mode so I can
> deal with the rest of those who want to do art learning. If you want to
> come to California and have them give me 20 kids for each of my classes,
> then I could have more time to delve into why kids act the way they do.
> However, as it stands now....if I found that goldfish crackers were a good
> motivator, lordy...that's exactly what I would do! This is "real life"
> we're talking about here!!! Cya...........
> Bunki Kramer
> Los Cerros Middle School
> 968 Blemer Rd.
> Danville, California 94526