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***Make Money Faster than before!!!***

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Tue, 10 Feb 98 18:42:02 EST


I'm just an average person like you.

Perhaps you have struggled desperately, as have I, to
accomplish financial security.

Recently I received much the same e-mail that you are reading right now.
It was from an attorney who told me of legal money making opportunity that
would change my life.

He explained that a client had asked him to review a letter to establish
legality of the contents. When he read it, he found a glitch that was
easily corrected in order to make it legal,yet he thought it was just some
off-the-wall idea.

A few months later he got a call from the client reporting receipt of
almost $800,000!

He had a little trouble accepting such a claim, so the client challenged
him to try it.

The attorney sent out just 200 letters. To his surprise, the money started
coming in.It began slowly, but at the end of four weeks, there were so many letters
he could hardly open them all in one day.

After about four months, the money stopped coming in.

By keeping a precise record of his earnings he was amazed to see
$868,439.00 was his total!

The big differences in this letter and others like it that you
may have seen floating around are:

1) It has been thoroughly researched by an attorney who revised
it to be 100% legal in that IT IS A SERVICE WHICH REFERS TO

2) There are seven names on the list instead of the usual five.
That fact alone results in more returns.

Follow the simple instructions below, exactly as they have been
laid out for you step by step, and in a few short months you too
will receive many thousands of dollars which will give you the
financial freedom youĂve sought most of your life.

As for me, the plan is working quite well. It has received 9%
and 11% returns on the 1st and 2nd efforts.

STEP #1) To the 7 listed below, immediately send $1.00 wrapped in a
note saying "Please add me to your mailing list", and include your name
and complete mailing Address. (As mentioned earlier, this initiates the
legality, in that everyone is paying for a service, a membership to an
exclusive mailing list of dynamic entrepreneurs).

1. R.E.Z.,
28 Holmes Court
OH 45013

2. IMS,
1290 Bay Dale Dr.,
Suite 259, Arnold,
MD 21012

3. Hazel,
Rt. 4¨Box 666B,
AL 36330

4. TRAV,
114 Loftin St.,
AL 36330

5. B.K. Hurst,
2440 Bancroft Dr.,
Spring Valley,
CA 91977-3306

6. Ryan Wight University of Louisville
Box 920546,
KY 40292

7. Simon b
1185 boul. Moody
Canada, QuÚbec
J6W 5S5

STEP #2) Remove the #1 name and move the rest of names up one position.
Then place your name and address in the #7 position. BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN YOU TYPE THE

STEP #3) When you have completed the above instructions you have the
option of mailing methods.

A) Through the US Postal Service with your own names and addresses, or
those purchased from S.E. Ring
Mailing List, P.O. Box 15061, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33318 or Call (954)
742-9519. There is absolutely
no duplication of lists, so those you receive are yours alone and are
not sent to anyone else:

B) through e-mail on your own, or with a bulk e-mail service. Two
reputable services that offer no
hassle, fast delivery, and excellent returns may be reached by: a) call
(212) 330-9370, and b) call
1-800-995-0796 x2669.

*****Keep in mind there is no limit on the numbers of names you can use.*****

The more names you send and the more often you do it, the more money you
will make!! I encourage you
to tell your family and friends so that they may prosper also.

Look at these numbers, and letĂs use just 200 with a 7.5% return, which is
VERY conservative:
1) You mail 200 letters-----------------------------------15 people
will send you $1.00.
2) Those 15 people mail 200 letters-------------------225 people will
send you $1.00.
3) Those 225 people mail 200 letters---------------3,375 people will
send you $1.00.
4) Those 3,375 people mail 200 letters-----------50,625 people will
send you $1.00.
5) Those 50,625 people mail 200 letters--------759,375 people will
send you $1.00.
6) Those 759,375 people mail 200 letters---11,390,625 people will send
you $1.00.


Imagine not having to worry about bills, house or car payments--ever

You have very little to lose, but all your dreams come true to gain.

Don't hesitate! Don't procrastinate!

There's no risk, low expense, and a HUGE potential!

Join our group today and learn how nice it is to get off that horrific

You'll be surprise!!!


Copyright 1998 Kenneth R. Churilla
Permission is herein given to republish only
in it's entirety without editing, including
all information directly above.