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Re: classroom management

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Mike Delaney (edelaney)
Mon, 9 Feb 1998 19:17:13 -0500

Bonnie, I have been teaching for 18 years. On the research as punishment
you can tell them that they can learn the hands on approach or they can get
the same information from the text. You are following a curriculum and you
are required to teach a certain topic, etc. You can tell them they can
learn all of this from books but they can also learn from producing works.
If their behavior is disrupting others, etc then their learning style must
be that they may learn better from the text. Then it is not a punishment.
It is just their learning style. I tried things before like My job/Your
Job. we talk about this and then later in the semester, when someone is
talking or whatever while I am introducing a lesson I remind them that I AM
TRYING TO DO MY JOB, and I am serious that I really want to do my job so
they will have to step into the hall or other side of the room , etc. so
that I can finish. Then when I talk to them it may have been a mistake,
we talk about manners and then try to keep it positive. I then say maybe
they will need to try something else like separate themselves from their
peers or even if they are wanting to be silly that it is interfereing, etc,
etc, and then I finish with I will not under any reason allow them to
interrupt again, that this is their warning. From then on I usually do not
have a problem. I may have to give them a detention. Now if the whole
class acts up we take a day to tale and write about respect, what that
means to us. What can we do differently even if we did not act up. an ex
would be if your neighbor constantly gets out of their seat, and you know
this that you need to remind them about the rules, offer to get the
supplies, etc to keep them in line. Or you might say that if someone is
being silly that the next time you will ignore and not laugh or give them
attention. That way everyone is plannning so that they won't have to take
a day and write and investigate manners again. Ann from Indiana

> From: Bonnie Halfpenny <>
> To: Robert E. "Bo" Sheffey & Family <sheffey>
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> Subject: Re: classroom management
> Date: Monday, February 09, 1998 11:44 AM
> I really hate to see you use any kind of research as a punishment, but at
> least you came up with an idea that works, and isn't a great amount of
> trouble for you. Maybe sticking with the "answering questions from the
> art book" is a better plan. Keep us posted.
> On Sun, 8 Feb 1998, Robert E. "Bo" Sheffey & Family wrote:
> > Ruth wrote:
> >
> > "Looking for suggestions as to how you handle
> > discipline issues in the
> > art room for grades 4-6th. Mainly the older
> > kids. Sometimes I have had a
> > class with about 6 kids who have attitude
> > problems out of 25. They are
> > disruptive to the point that aat times it
> > takes more time dealing with
> > them than teaching. Does anyone have ideas
> > that have worked. "
> >
> > Ruth,
> > This is my first year teaching middle school art and I have had the
> > problem which is ongoing. I came up with something a few weeks ago and
> > would be interested in getting some feedback because it is effective
> > I have misgivings about using it.
> > On the board, I write an alternative assignment for the day. It is
> > usually researching an artist, or answering questions out of the art
> > book. Any student who misbehaves (talks out of turn while I'm
> > introducing a project, misuses art supplies, won't stay in seat, etc.)
> > is given this alternate assignment. He is not allowed to work with art
> > supplies for that day. If he finishes it by the end of the period, he
> > comes in tomorrow with a fresh start. If not, he has to work on it
> > tomorrow. If not completed by the end of the second day, I refer the
> > child to the office and call the parent.
> > This has been very effective. My concern is that when I want the whole
> > class to research out of the book, they will view it as punishment.
> > What thoughts do the rest of you have on this?
> > TREE
> >