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Re: classroom management

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Bonnie Halfpenny (
Mon, 9 Feb 1998 09:44:55 -0700 (MST)

I really hate to see you use any kind of research as a punishment, but at
least you came up with an idea that works, and isn't a great amount of
trouble for you. Maybe sticking with the "answering questions from the
art book" is a better plan. Keep us posted.

On Sun, 8 Feb 1998, Robert E. "Bo" Sheffey & Family wrote:

> Ruth wrote:
> "Looking for suggestions as to how you handle
> discipline issues in the
> art room for grades 4-6th. Mainly the older
> kids. Sometimes I have had a
> class with about 6 kids who have attitude
> problems out of 25. They are
> disruptive to the point that aat times it
> takes more time dealing with
> them than teaching. Does anyone have ideas
> that have worked. "
> Ruth,
> This is my first year teaching middle school art and I have had the same
> problem which is ongoing. I came up with something a few weeks ago and
> would be interested in getting some feedback because it is effective but
> I have misgivings about using it.
> On the board, I write an alternative assignment for the day. It is
> usually researching an artist, or answering questions out of the art
> book. Any student who misbehaves (talks out of turn while I'm
> introducing a project, misuses art supplies, won't stay in seat, etc.)
> is given this alternate assignment. He is not allowed to work with art
> supplies for that day. If he finishes it by the end of the period, he
> comes in tomorrow with a fresh start. If not, he has to work on it
> tomorrow. If not completed by the end of the second day, I refer the
> child to the office and call the parent.
> This has been very effective. My concern is that when I want the whole
> class to research out of the book, they will view it as punishment.
> What thoughts do the rest of you have on this?