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Re: classroom management

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croberts (b2w6w4kn)
Sun, 08 Feb 1998 13:40:30 -0800

> This is my first year teaching middle school art and I have had the same
> problem which is ongoing. I came up with something a few weeks ago and
> would be interested in getting some feedback because it is effective but
> I have misgivings about using it.
> On the board, I write an alternative assignment for the day. It is
> usually researching an artist, or answering questions out of the art
> book. Any student who misbehaves (talks out of turn while I'm
> introducing a project, misuses art supplies, won't stay in seat, etc.)
> is given this alternate assignment. He is not allowed to work with art
> supplies for that day. If he finishes it by the end of the period, he
> comes in tomorrow with a fresh start. If not, he has to work on it
> tomorrow. If not completed by the end of the second day, I refer the
> child to the office and call the parent.
> This has been very effective. My concern is that when I want the whole
> class to research out of the book, they will view it as punishment.
> What thoughts do the rest of you have on this?

I also teach middle school (art) and I agree...about the class feeling
like "art history being punishment" when you do this.

One thing that I've done...was to have a "problem" student "read" a
chapter from the art book, make up 50 (or so) questions and write them
down, along with the anwers.

Also, my school really emphasizes "reading and writing", so I have had
"problem" students select a topic from a list and write a page on that
topic. Usually by the time they finish (10 to 20 minutes), they can
come back to the group and work without a problem. It's not how much
"punishment" there is, it's just the fact that there is SOME amount of
punishment. The topics are general..."The Most Important Person in My
Life" (most choose this one and you'd be surprised at what they
write!), "Changes I Would Make if I were President", "Where I'd Like to
go on Vacation and Why", etc.