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Re: Software????

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James Linker (jal19)
Thu, 5 Feb 1998 19:06:35 -0500

Hi Delia,

>Hi all...I'm a new member, 1st time writer. I am in the process of
>choosing drawing and photo software for a new art/tech Mac lab where I will
>be teaching computer graphics to high school students.
>A few ?'s Adobe Illustrator vs Fractal Painter....which is better?

No comparison. They are completely different types of software. Painter is
a bitmap graphics application (which means that it paints and draws with
pixels and the files it creates contains a precise resolution, or amount of
information). Illustrator is a vector graphics application (you "draw" with
it by manipulating vectors or "paths," which are mathmatically described.
The number of pixels in an Illustrator image is determined by the
resolution of the device used to print it).

>Is there another software anyone has used that is cheaper but close or
>comparable in quality and options? We are pushing for 32 Mgs
>( opmtimistic ) but is 16 mg power Macs reasonable for this software?
>Has anyone found anything better (or comparable) to Photoshop?

I would _demand_ 32MB of RAM in your Macs if you plan to run Photoshop
(which is easily the best all-round bitmap graphics package out there).
16MB will leave you barely enough headroom to get by and you are liekly to
be plauged with crashes and frozen Macs.

>Any info on 3D software, such as Bryce 3D?

Sorry, but I'm a 2D kina guy ...

>It's easy enough to find software...but not so easy to try them out for the
>best any imput is helpful. It's nice to know we're not alone
>out here.

A subscribtion to _Macworld_ or _Macuser_ will help you keep up on the new
versions of popular applications and give you a way to compare features,
but there's nothing like actually using the stuff, and no two users are
alike ...

Good Luck, Have Fun :-) !



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james alan linker
doctoral candidate, art education
the pennsylvania state university
school of visual arts