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Re: Software????

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Thu, 5 Feb 1998 13:57:06 -0500 (EST)

Sherry wrote:
>>A few ?'s Adobe Illustrator vs Fractal Painter....which is better?Is
there another software anyone has used that is cheaper but close
orcomparable in quality and options? We are pushing for 32 Mgs( opmtimistic
) but is 16 mg power Macs reasonable for this software?<<

Two different programs ..... Painter is closer to Photoshop than it is to
Illustrator. It tries to simulate the effects of various media. Since you
are teaching high school you may want to consider Illustrator which is more
widely used in the professional committee.

>>Has anyone found anything better (or comparable) to Photoshop?<<

Better than Photoshop? Photoshop rules! ..... but if you only have 16mb I
wouldn't get it .... its going to run incredibly slow and the machine will
freeze up on you. PS needs 14 just to open .... and you have to account for
system software too. I have one machine with 16 and the only way we can run
PS is to restart with the extensions off .... which gives us an extra 5 mb.
Kind of a pain .... I wouldn't recommend it as a long term operating

>>Any info on 3D software, such as Bryce 3D?<<
I think Bryce is the best introductory 3d program you can get. It is a
simple interface and quick to learn. Of course if you are looking to realy
get into 3D you might want to jump into a program that goes a little deeper
into the tools. The 3D version is nice since it lets you animate flythroughs
of your scenes. Coolfactor 10.

>>It's easy enough to find software...but not so easy to try them out for
thebest any imput is helpful. It's nice to know we're not
aloneout here.<<

Go to the websites for the companies and they have free limited edition
demos. Adobe also has a "free" CD you can get for $20 that has all their most
popular programs on it (save and print disabled). Also get a catalog from
Creation Engine (I say this so many times you all must think I'm a
stockholder), they speciallize in discounted art-multimedia software for
schools. Last I saw, a single copy of Illustrator was $129, PS was $239.

-Geoff Black
Orange County High School of the Arts
Los Alamitos, CA