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Re: aesthetics

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Mark Alexander (mamjam)
Wed, 4 Feb 1998 21:06:56 -0500

Dear Matthew Joel Orcutt,

You say you recently recieved a good idea for involing students in
critiques. I'd love to see it!

For art class critiques I use a method that I adapted from an idea I got
from this list. It works very well with 1st thru 8th graders, and an
adapted version would probably work with older students as well. It is


The way it works is a student stands at the front of the room holding up
their art work. (usually the slower or more methodical artists are still
finishing up) They quickly explain what it is, the title, or whatever is
necessary for an artist's statement. Then the artist calls on a classmate
who provides a one sentance response in PRAISE of some aspect of the
artwork. They must be specific. Then the artist calls on another student
who askes a QUESTION about the artwork. The artist answers then calls on
another student who can PROPOSE an idea to make this artwork more
successful or a suggestion for future artwork. I often interject points
about the lesson objectives, especially praise for good use of elements and

Its a good way to get them involved in making critical judgements about
their art work and the artwork of others. The PRAISE, QUESTION, PROPOSE
method seems to avoid hurting anyone's feelings. It is very
non-threatening. I have offered to hold up the artwork for really shy
students. I've only done that once, and that student now enthusiasticly
holds up her own work and is an eager participant in critiques. My
students love it, and they ask to do it almost every day.

I'm thankful for this idea, which someone from this list provided almost
two years ago. Wish I could remember who it was! If you see this, or know
who posted it, please respond!

Thanks to all!


At 10:35 AM 2/4/98, Matthew Joel Orcutt wrote:
> I have recently recieved a good idea on involing students in critiques.
>I was wondering if anyone had any information on how to help secondary
>students become interested in critiques?