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K&1 Elementary Lesson Plans - castles & dragons

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Wed, 4 Feb 1998 18:45:24 EST

Castles and Dragons
I did a three week project that was magical. Everything went right. We watched
a short clip from the video entitled "Castles" by David McCawley(sp?) We just
watched the cartoon part. They learned how castles were made and what they
looked like from above via helicopter. Then we drew the castles.
For the next lesson (45 minutes) I showed them how to paint them using
watercolors. We covered wet-on-wet technique and wet on dry. I also showed
them how to use their brush in new ways, pat stroke, twirl stroke to make
dots, and drag stroke. I made it clear that we were painting like
professionals, very serious!
For the following week we learned about secondary colors with clear, flat
sculpting tools that came in red, yellow, and blue, the primaries. We looked
at how to combine the clear tools on the overhead projector. They were asked
to draw a purple dragon breathing hot orange fire, in a green forest. They
were only given the primary crayons. They also had to answer what makes the
color wheel so easy to understand. Each student that answered my questions
correctly received a piece of colored chalk to take home.
The last lesson I gleaned off the internet from our message board and adapted
it to the magical qualities that go with K & 1st grade art.