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Re: Supplies

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Christine Merriam (
Tue, 03 Feb 1998 10:55:33 +0000

Melissa asked:
>I sure could use ideas on how you may dole out things. Erasers for
instance. I pass them out as needed and seem to lose a few every day.
Even if I count them! Glue bottles are refilled but really look
pathetic. Is this all normal????
Hi Melissa!
Yes, it can be very normal! I had the good fortune of having a
teachers' husband make pencil/scissor holders out of segments of a
cedar log with holes for 4 pencils and 4 scissors drilled in each
one.We have a pencil holder for each table. I use the big thick
primary pencils, and only the teacher sharpens them. Since I notice
that some students erase more than they draw, and I want to encourage
them to be risk takers and figure out creative solutions to problems,
I go to the extreme of cutting the erasers off the pencils at the
beginning of the year. We pass them out at the beginning of class, and
I ritually count them at the end of class.
My classroom has 4 students to a table. I only pass out 2 erasers
(when needed) per table. Have a student collect and be in charge of
counting them at the end of class. The glue is also passed out 2
bottles per table.
If we are using markers or pens, they are kept in trays and I count
them also at the end of class. This week we are using fine point pens,
and I had to keep a class in for 10 minutes of my lunch hour till they
"found the missing pen".
I probably sound a bit anal here.... but have learned that consistant
expectations and consequences keep the stuff here in the classroom.
One other thing... the last rule on the art room rules is:
"This is your art room, take good care of it". During the first week
of school I always go over WHY we have the rules, and deliberately
have a pencil holder that is missing a pair of scissors and a pencil.
I put it on a table and ask, "who is going to do their artwork with no
I have the students take ownership of the materials and their care.
When we paint, they collect and wash the supplies, and check to make
sure things are put away properly.
This year I have the same supply budget for almost 2 times the amount
of students I had 15 years ago.... so these little tricks help a lot.

Hope this helps!
Christine Merriam
Kayenta Intermediate School