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Concerning Mushrooms

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Tiffany Yliniemi (
3 Feb 1998 09:22:45 -0600

Mark brought up some great issues related to mushroom imagery!
Believe it or not teaching grades 3-5 art I have run into the
"shroom" issue just this year. At first I thought, how cute!
It gave me flashbacks of the Smurfs. (-Too young to have experi-
enced the 60's.) Then a middle school/high school teacher told
me about the growth of shroom use right now. Recently two
cases of shroom possession in our high school occurred. It's
a growing problem, and now images of marijuana AND mushrooms
are banned in our high/middle schools. I had to keep pinching
myself, because it seemed like such a cute, innocent thing.
Also, I couldn't believe how naive I was to not know about this
problem. Sometimes we are so disconnected from the upper grades
that we are missing out on a lot of information - but the students
always find connections to that information! I do feel it is my
responsibility to stop mushroom imagery, and when I see it, a 5th
grade student drawing in his journal yesterday for example, I ask
for them to give it to me and tell them it is not appropriate for
school. I don't know how seriously to take it though. The class
room teacher in a previous case did mention this to the parents
of the girls who had mushrooms sprouting in their artwork.

We all know the power of images. We all know that drug use is a
problem. Is it okay to just simply say, this is not appropriate
for school? How do/would you deal with it? Do you let parents
know? Remember, I teach elementary, but 5th grade is when a lot
of experimentation begins ...... -Tiffany