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Lesson Plans

Re: Rainy Day Lesson Plans

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Sun, 23 Feb 1997 13:24:48 -0500 (EST)

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I don't know exactly what you are looking for, but I taught K-4 ten years ago
and found they loved design projects. They can be done with minimal materials
as you mentioned. I would cast them as graphic artists commissioned to design
a specific item, such as a new postage stamp. Must include:
1. Country of origin (the moon, Antartica, USA, etc.)
2. Value (.32, $1.00, $100, etc.)
3. Graphic image
4. Margin
5. Perforated edge (can use regular scissors to cut wavy edge (etc.) or use
pinking shears or some of the new fancy scissors with the special cutting
Talked some about facts about stamps such as defining philatelist as one who
collects stamps, that no image of a living person is ever put on a stamp,
images found on recent stamps, commemorative stamps, etc. Your local post
office will probably give you old posters they used to promote sales of
special stamps.

CD cover designs was another favorite. Discussed the types of CD's: Musical -
Rock, Rap, Country, Blues, Religious, Holiday, etc.; Educational, CD-ROMs
etc. Have to remind them that the text portion of the designs is equally as
important as the graphic image. They have a tendency to spend a lot of time
on their drawing and then scribble the text on in two seconds with little
thought to placement, size, etc.

You have probably used these ideas for years, but just in case they are
something you hadn't considered I could send you similar things and these in
greater detail if you are interested.

Following up on someone else's clever weather related idea: I used a great
book that kids and I loved, full of old weather sayings and their meanings
entitled "A January Fog Will Freeze a Hog." I typed the sayings up, cut them
apart, dropped them in a hat or bowl and played "lottery." They pulled a
saying and had to illustrate it. They learned alot and so did I.

Now that I have "ECT.ed" you to tears - Good luck!
Mary Jane

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