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Re:The Arts- IF it's in the Budget

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Ken Rohrer (kenroar)
Sat, 22 Feb 1997 21:58:07 -0600

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Melissa said....
>The school where I teach art will be expanding (almost doubling) the
>number of students as well as going up to 8th instead of 6th grade.
>However, the principal has only tentatively planned for only a two-tenths
>addition of art and about the same increase in music and phy ed. Yet he
>has big plans for adding a science lab person, etc. The principal is
>incredibly focused on the "fundamentals" and has said that there is no
>more money available for expanding the arts positions, even though he is
>aware that no one will teach on such meager position amounts. He claims
>to be in favor of the arts and has told me so, but I am not seeing it in
>his actions.
>I don't think he truly understands how the arts help increase performance
>in other areas. Does anyone have some articles or statistics that they
>can share that help support the academic benefits of arts (or the losses
>resulting from no or scaled-back arts programs)?

In Indiana, there are requirements for the arts at the elementary and
middle school level. The state Arts Coordinator for Indiana tells me that
any schools at this level that don't have the necessary art classes for all
students will not pass PBA (necessary for state requirements)

I wonder what the requirements are for the arts in your state. You can find
a page of statistics for the arts that offer strong evidence for the arts
improving test scores and the like on a page located at:

Look for the section there entitled, "New music/learning URLs"

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