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Re: loaded question

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Ken Rohrer (kenroar)
Sat, 22 Feb 1997 20:22:30 -0600

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You said....

>ok here goes a loaded question, hope my mailbox can hold all the answers: i
>teach arts (drama actually, but the question applies to all arts). My
>question is, how do you deal with ignorant administrators who feel you are in
>their school to put on shows, decorate for dances, give them (the
>administration) opportunities to have them seen in the public eye, even at
>the expense of the children? some children are the elementary level are not
>ready nor do they want to be put under pressure of pumping out work for
>display or performances.How do you deal wiht the retaliation of the
>administration who , if you do not do this, will force you out? My mailbox
>is ready to explode!!!!

I'll answer that question as an administrator. Questions a good
administrator asks should be:

1) Will this benefit most students educationally?
2) Will this promote the school and improve PR in the community?

Performances are a good way for a school to be in the public eye and
improve PR. With all the negative press that education is getting today,
anything good is needed in the media. You may be confusing your
administrator's desire for this with lifting him/herself up. Then again,
maybe not. What evidence do you have that the administrator is using this
to put themselves and not the school in the public eye?

Performances are also part of the real world. Children who continue in
drama perform before audiences. There is much evidence that relating
education to the real world improves test scores in children. There is an
arts magnet school in Indianapolis where drama is incorporated in many of
the classes. They perform scenes in history for their social studies
classes for instance. Even the kindergarten students are able to perform.
Parents love attending functions where their children perform. You can see
how proud they are at concerts and performances.

As far as your question as to how you deal with retaliation from
administrators who demand this- You don't. Doing otherwise is
insubordination and is a fireable offense. I would also hope that there is
more going on besides shows, dances, etc.

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