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Thu, 20 Feb 1997 08:11:23 -0600 (EST)

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***Message for Laura Angove***

Dear Laura,
Sorry for the time delay in responding. Just received your email
a few days ago. Many things going on right now and 3 art shows to get
ready for! Very hectic.
We did not go to b/s this year but I have tons of information I
would be glad to share with you. Our committee decided to 'study' it
for another year before deciding. We take our vote next month. If you
are interested in receiving the information please send me your address
and I will mail it to you. (Too much to email).
The information is general and some of it is specific to art.
So there is a wide variety of info. Most of my research is gathered
from schools in the surrounding areas of Lafayette and Indianapolis.
Most art teachers I've talked to DO like the b/s concept. They feel it
gives them more time to pursue a lesson, have a more in depth critique
(and lectures), as well as provides studio time. The schedule is ideal
for those students who "love art". But can be a problem for those
students who do not want to be there. 85-92 min. class periods are a
challenge to those students -- let alone the teacher having to deal with
it. Another advantage is only 3 or 4 classes a day. Less number of
classes to prepare for BUT more to plan FOR in each class. Different
activities are a must for these long time periods. (i.e. 30 min. lecture,
30 min. slides, one on one help, group work, studio time, etc. )
I think the number one thing for any school/corporation to
consider is: "Will this schedule be the BEST for OUR students. . " Each
plan can be tailored to meet each schools specific needs. I feel that
is very important. Each school is slightly different and specifics can
make a difference.
"Selling" the faculty is another plus! Most principals agree
that if the faculty 'buys' it and is willing to work at it-- it will work!
So the success of the program depends on the "faculty driven" factor.
Well, short of a thesis I'll end here. Let me know if you would
like the info. and where I can send it.

Good luck with your research!

Sheila J. McCormick
Visual Art Chair
Crawfordsville High School
One Athenian Dr.
Crawfordsville, IN. 47933
(765-362-2340 -- Ext 1120)

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