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Re: "Rainy Day Lesson Plans?"

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Henry, Marty (mhenry)
Sun, 16 Feb 97 14:53:34 MST

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Larry and All on the list,

Dare I, a non-artistic but appreciative science person, jump in here?

I have taught science and science education courses for the past 20
years from middle school through higher education. I am now with the
High Plains Consortium for Math and Science at the Mid-continent
Regional Educational Laboratory. Philosophically, I was an integrated
curriculum teacher when it wasn't in vogue to be one. Naturally my
thoughts went to when you
requested lesson plans.

I would suggest you get some prints of famous paintings and laminate
them so you can protect them from the rain. Choose the ones that show
various clouds and weather pretty clearly. I can see them in my mind,
but hesitate to try to name them or the artists for fear of showing my
ignorance among this esteemed audience.

Have the students draw what they think the scene looked like before
that picture, and/or after. Focus on the weather aspect, but you can
also examine their use of color, light, and all that other artsy
stuff. See if you can team with the classroom teacher and leave the
picture with him or her. Have the students do some research on the
painting and report back to you the next time you have class.
Challenge them to find the artist, time, place, and anything else that
makes that artist particularly interesting. Have students confirm
their predictions by researching the type of clouds/weather and what
causes it to occur or what (in the case of clouds) comes after it.

Get the idea? You can use the paintings over with another class the
next day rainy, so you will only need 5-6 depending on how many
periods you have in one rainy class day.

Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

Marty Henry

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Subject: "Rainy Day Lesson Plans?"
Author: Larry Hewett <lhewett> at Internet-Mail
Date: 2/15/97 12:17 PM

I am an art instructor at an elementary (K-4) school. My art room is
across the street from the classrooms, office, and gym. It is housed in
an old home economics building. Whenever it rains, my students don't
come to me because I am expected to go to them. Since most of my lessons
are continued from one week to the next, I have to haul all the art
supplies across the street by myself, or have to come up with another
lesson plan on the spur of the moment. I was discussing this problem
with my principal and she said, "Just come up with some 30 - 45 minute
rainy day lesson plans!" I don't want this "rainy day" class period to
be a waste of anybody's time. I want these lessons to have artistic
substance to them and be more than a way to kill 45 minutes. All of the
classroom teachers have crayons, scissors, glue, and construction paper
in their classrooms so I would not have to bring these supplies across
the street in the rain myself while holding an umbrella. Does anyone
have any suggestions for some quick lesson plans or any sources where I
might be able to find some? I certainly would appreciate any help you
might be able to give me.


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