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Re: Email overkill

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Sue Palfrey (stp7msb)
Sat, 15 Feb 1997 08:35:23 -0500

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A couple more thoughts:

1. Please put your response before the copy of the person's message. No
harm in having the whole message there for people who want it, but the new
material is first where it is easy to access (This has been mentioned
before on this list -- "guidelines" when a person joins might really help.)

2. If 30 messages a day are too much, here is another possibility.
Unsubscribe from the list, and use the archives on ArtsEdNet to research
information you are interested in. You can personally e-mail people who
have responded to topics you are interested in. I do this with a list that
deals with programming in Macromedia Director where there are over 100
responses a day. If I want to find out about a particular topic, I do a
search on the archive list, save it as an html document, and voila, I have
my own little document of e-mail messages around a particular subject. It
of course limits your own input to the list. That's the tradeoff.

3. Copying and forwarding an entire message is another thing. That is

Sue Palfrey

> From: Patricia Munce <pdmun>
> To: artsednet
> Subject: Email overkill
> Date: Friday, February 14, 1997 11:43 PM
> We are suffering from the teacher's lounge, I fear. A few easy rules
> help.
> l. Use a good title so that if you have a program like Eudora, you can
> the titles easily and skip what doesn't interest us.
> 2. Don't copy all of the other person's message when you answer. We need
> to remember, not everyone knows how to take out all or part of the
> that is being answered. A little patience for the new online people,
> please.
> 3. Beating a topic to death, digging it up again, and beating it again,
> really does annoy everyone.
> I don't even want to write the word for the last one we had here for
> it seemed.
> ( I am talking about the big "S" topic.) I was really to drop out too.
> 4. Sometimes it would be better to send the message just to the person
> writing it. I do that a lot.
> The thanks to so and so is nice, but do I want it on my computer?
> Yeah, like I want acne again.
> 30 messages a day is getting a bit much for me. How about everyone
> Are we hurting the purpose or is this the price we pay for being online
> artists?
> Finally, a sage few words of advice.
> When the horse dies, get off.
> Pat
> pdmun

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