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Talk Group Pollution

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Fri, 14 Feb 1997 12:57:04 -0600

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Ben -- thanks for the observation on ArtsEdNet pollution. I agree that
it is tedious to have to scroll through repeated messages. But keep in
mind that what may be pollution to some may be interesting or helpful
information to someone else. To avoid wasting time I simply scroll down
whenever I see the arrows on the left hand side of each line of a
message that indicates a reproduction of an earlier message. It really
only takes a few seconds.

I forward messages to ArtsEdNet that I think some arts educators may be
interested in. And other people have forward MY messages to ArtsEdNet.
Who is to say what is interesting and what is not? I take it as just
part of the ArtsEdNet free speech process that I am going to have to
wade through topics that I have no interest in (or repeated messages).

What REALLY slows me down is having to read through a 10-paragraph
e-mail dissertation from an ArtsEdNet contributor that turns out to be
an obsure personal opinion without much practical application. In other
words, it is something I am not particularly interested in. But other
subscribers might be interested in it. If I am to blame for any tedious
repeated messages, I apologize to everyone on ArtsEdNet. I just logged
on to try to locate some sources for childrens artwork and to pass on a
few opportunities to other educators that my organization sponsors - I
will disappear shortly.

Paul F. Newman

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