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Re: installation art and education

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Margaret Grosspietsch (Margaret.M.Grosspietsch-1)
Tue, 11 Feb 97 21:25:59 -0600

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I'm sorry I don't have current exhibition info for you, but a year or so ago the
Weisman Art Museum at the Univ of MN campus had an installation... about the
same time they had their Robert Indiana show... but I don't remember the artist.
It was the cleverness, humor and nostalgia in the piece that impressed me.

The work was a replication of an older apartment building lobby and hallway and
as you walked down the hall, your weight triggered something in front of each
door. This "trigger" (like the thing that opens the grocery store doors) under
the floor material would set off a sound... one "apartment" triggered a dog
bark, another triggered a phone ringing, still another triggered a phonograph,
etc. The many reactions people had that were triggered by the triggers were part
of the "art" for me. Maybe I just don't get out much, but I never heard dogs
barking in a museum before!

I guess I never defined "installation" in my own terms before, but I think this
piece qualifies. Sorry I can't provide more particulars about who made it and
when, but a call to the museum might get you what you're looking for, or even
literature about it?

Margaret G.

PS--I'll post this to the whole list,too. Perhaps that will let the installation
"trigger" something else...ideas for lessons and/or discussion about
viewer/audience participation or ???

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from etr:
> I am a grad intern. at a museum in the Phoenix area, and I am in the
> early stages of developing educational material for an upcoming
> exhibition on the theme of installation art. I myself am just beginning
> to learn what the definition of installation art is, and similarly, the
> definitions of related terms (sculpture as installation, virtual space,
> etc..). If anyone is familiar with this genre of art, I would greatly
> appreciate any help that may be offered in understanding and defining
> it. Further, I am open to suggestions for gallery activities related to
> this type of art. For e.g., one idea I had would be to somehow give
> school age children the chance to create their own mini installations ...
> possibly in individual boxes (with the instructions to pretend they are
> artists
> and the box represents gallery space to display their installation art in).
> I am also wondering if anyone knows of current exhibitions of
> installation art (and corresponding educational material - text,
> activities) at any galleries or museums around the U.S. or Canada.
> Thanks!
> -Emily (etr)
> .

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