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Kathleen McCrea (kwmccrea)
Sun, 09 Feb 1997 14:27:50 -0600

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Maybe I'm completely offbase here, but it seems to me that
holidays and things related to them are ideally suited to the
understanding of cultural and/or MULTIcultural content. Whether or not
a child makes an artifact(?) from another culture, h/she is in a better
position to function in society with knowledge of holidays from as many
cultures as possible. I have found that kids can make adaptations of
things, paint them different colors, give them a different twist, or
whatever. I don't think that everything that's holiday related is
necessarily in the "cutsy" category.
The music departments in most schools perform pieces from many
different cultures and religions. I certainly hope that we don't
eliminate Christmas music, for example, because not everyone is
Christian. I'm anything but a religious fanatic, but it seems to me
that mainstream culture is a part of the multicultural tradition which
needs to be preserved just as other traditions also need to be
I think we'll always have to contend with a certain amount of
cutsy stuff; sort of a visual version of Rudolph! I'm not advocating
that sort of stuff, but I think we should have the patience and good
sense to realize that lots of people come into the arts through the back
Kay McCrea
Wichita, Kansas

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