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Re: K-12 Visual Arts Curriculum

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Scurfield (scurfield)
Wed, 05 Feb 1997 14:13:27 -0600

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Peggy Angstadt (SBE) wrote:
> First, a thank you to all who responded to my "creative valentine" request.
> I know there are so many valid ways (rather than 'gimmicky') to tie in
> holidays with art, be it Martin Luther King Day or Valentine's Day. I taught
> ten years of secondary art before leaving the profession to raise my
> children--a ten year absence. Now I am in my fifth year of teaching art one
> day a week in a K-6 situation, and I still have difficulty at times thinking
> "elementary".
> Now, I have two requests for information/input from this group, and I will
> try to be brief:
> 1. Visual Arts teachers in my district are in the process of creating a K-12
> Curriculum. Currently we are focused on the art history component, and we
> each have a task to identify key works/"icons" of art which can be
> identified with a specific culture and/or style from primitive art to the
> present; for example: {Mona Lisa; Leonardo da Vinci, Western art, early
> 1500's, Renaissance}.
> My "task" is in the area we are labelling 'graphic arts' which includes
> drawing, printmaking, manuscripts, calligraphy, photography, etc. I will
> include things like the Book of Hours, work of da Vinci, hieroglyphs. What
> I need are prominent works rather than obscure works--works that the
> students would most likely meet later in life and recognize once again.
> (Even as I write this I am thinking of the quote from a source unknown to me
> "The greatest enemy of understanding is coverage.) This will be a
> >reference< list...
> 2. The next idea is in its "birthing stages"...
> Idea: I would like to have a school-to-community evening where the students
> educate their parents and community members on the life and work/style of
> master artists, be they from western culture or world cultures (I can see
> I'm already getting complicated--keep in mind this is K-6). I would like
> the students to research the life of an artist and "become" the artist for
> that evening, dressing the part, displaying 'their' work, have those in
> attendance use materials to work "in the style of"... (possibly having a
> community member helping them in their research...)
> Request from this group: I would like to tie this in with our school
> initiative involving multiple intelligences, so I am interested in master
> artists (obviously spatially intelligent) who are gifted in another one of
> the intelligences (now numbering eight and a half according to Dr. Gardner):
> bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, liguistic,
> logical-mathematical, musical, (spatial), naturalist, and (.5!) existential.
> I am SOOOOO greatful to be a part of this group. I get to use this school
> computer once a week and I spend the morning downloading 170+ pieces of mail
> and become connected with professionals from around the world!! Returning
> to art ed. after a ten year "break" I went from Lowenfeld to DBAE,
> multiculturalism (now pluralism?!?); from conceptualizing high school
> students to tactile five-year olds! This could be called the Rip Van Winkle
> Syndrome, eh? Now I spend three + days a week trying to catch up for a 20%
> position here! This networking has really given me a boost! Thanks for all
> your help. Peggy.Your message was like deja vu for me, only I went from teaching at the
elementary level to the university level, which probably was easier.
Some days I really miss that elementary enthusiasm!--Marcia

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