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K-12 Visual Arts Curriculum

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Peggy Angstadt (
Wed, 05 Feb 1997 13:52:29 -0500

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First, a thank you to all who responded to my "creative valentine" request.
I know there are so many valid ways (rather than 'gimmicky') to tie in
holidays with art, be it Martin Luther King Day or Valentine's Day. I taught
ten years of secondary art before leaving the profession to raise my
children--a ten year absence. Now I am in my fifth year of teaching art one
day a week in a K-6 situation, and I still have difficulty at times thinking

Now, I have two requests for information/input from this group, and I will
try to be brief:

1. Visual Arts teachers in my district are in the process of creating a K-12
Curriculum. Currently we are focused on the art history component, and we
each have a task to identify key works/"icons" of art which can be
identified with a specific culture and/or style from primitive art to the
present; for example: {Mona Lisa; Leonardo da Vinci, Western art, early
1500's, Renaissance}.

My "task" is in the area we are labelling 'graphic arts' which includes
drawing, printmaking, manuscripts, calligraphy, photography, etc. I will
include things like the Book of Hours, work of da Vinci, hieroglyphs. What
I need are prominent works rather than obscure works--works that the
students would most likely meet later in life and recognize once again.
(Even as I write this I am thinking of the quote from a source unknown to me
"The greatest enemy of understanding is coverage.) This will be a
>reference< list...

2. The next idea is in its "birthing stages"...

Idea: I would like to have a school-to-community evening where the students
educate their parents and community members on the life and work/style of
master artists, be they from western culture or world cultures (I can see
I'm already getting complicated--keep in mind this is K-6). I would like
the students to research the life of an artist and "become" the artist for
that evening, dressing the part, displaying 'their' work, have those in
attendance use materials to work "in the style of"... (possibly having a
community member helping them in their research...)

Request from this group: I would like to tie this in with our school
initiative involving multiple intelligences, so I am interested in master
artists (obviously spatially intelligent) who are gifted in another one of
the intelligences (now numbering eight and a half according to Dr. Gardner):
bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, liguistic,
logical-mathematical, musical, (spatial), naturalist, and (.5!) existential.

I am SOOOOO greatful to be a part of this group. I get to use this school
computer once a week and I spend the morning downloading 170+ pieces of mail
and become connected with professionals from around the world!! Returning
to art ed. after a ten year "break" I went from Lowenfeld to DBAE,
multiculturalism (now pluralism?!?); from conceptualizing high school
students to tactile five-year olds! This could be called the Rip Van Winkle
Syndrome, eh? Now I spend three + days a week trying to catch up for a 20%
position here! This networking has really given me a boost! Thanks for all
your help. Peggy.

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