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Storyteller doll DIRECTIONS

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Wed, 5 Feb 1997 02:22:51 -0500 (EST)

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WOW!! I just became computer literate, somewhat and subscribed to this site.
I have at least 30 people who are interested in these directions. I hope
all of you see them. It will help if you have a picture to refer to and work
through these steps with a lump of clay in your hands. A good reference is
available from Davis Pub.---Helen Cordero and the Storytellers of Cochiti
Pueblo by Nancy Shrover Howard. Several people mentioned this in their
request for directions.

BODY; Roll a baseball size ball and make an oval pinch pot. This is the
main body section. Stand this on end so the opening is vertical and the
bottom is a bit flat.

LEGS : Make a sausage about six inches long and hollow out by inserting a
dowel a little smaller then a pencil. Roll with the stick still in, then
remove the stick. Cut two legs with a knife. Close the foot and turn up the
toe to form a moccasin. Score and attach the legs to the inside edge of the
oval pot. Put an air hole in the underside of the leg. Pull body sides
toward the legs with a shell shaped or metal tool and close up in the front
of the body. You may choose to leave a little opening just above the legs.
Add a bit of clay to the top opening where the head will attack if it is too
thin. The top will look like a pot, with an opening. Pass a stick through
the body and turn a little to form even arm holes. Make two arms the same
way as the legs. Make a small peg at the end of the shoulder at right angles
and insert into the arm hole. Pinch a flattened hand shape. Use a pointed
tool to make finger lines. Put a pin hole under the arm for an air hole.

HEAD : Make a small pinch pot. With thumbs, pinch facial features and add a
small bit of clay to form high cheek bones. The mouth is always open. Add a
figure eight piece of clay to form a bun on the back of the head. Add a
smooth hair line above the face with a pointed tool. Pull clay up around the
neck and flair out neck on the head. Add on and blend together.

CHILDREN : Depending who the doll is made for, any number of children can be
attached. Use a small rectangle of clay and cut a leg slit and two slits on
the sides for arms. Pinch out a head and form the figure. They are rather
plain and can be attached in any position on the larger figure. I try to
blend the two pieces together at several points and then redefine the child
figures edges so you can't tell where it was blended. Slip and score also.
The figures can be painted if you have a good reference, of leave them
plain. I used a terra cotta clay and the color was nice just plain. I
taught this to my depertment at a workshop day and it took about an hour and
a half. You could not do this in one class period in school.

This can also be done in a simpler way with younger students by pinching
and pulling the figure into place. Be sure to leave an air hole. Add
children to the figure in the same way.

I hope this makes sense to all of you. I will send this along again in
a week or so for anyone who may miss this session. I enjoy this site but it
can get cumbersome to read every day! I"ll be anxious to hear how you make
out with your students. Happy modeling to all!!! Linda E oneida

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