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Re: Student Teachers cont.

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smurthwaite (smrthwt)
Tue, 04 Feb 1997 19:55:53 -0500

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Eric Utech wrote:
> >Thank you for your input about student teachers. I would like to take
> >this one step further. I can deal with clothes and smell after I get to
> >know her but I think that she would be so attractive and look more like
> >she cared if she put on some make-up and tied back her hair.
> >Is this something that I should address or leave alone? Maybe this is
> >going too far.
> >
> >Blesila
> As an art teacher who replaced another who didn't quite "fit in," I
> have gone out of my way to make sure that I do. In addition to the
> foundation, lipstick, heels, and hair spray, I've made it a habit to wear a
> long dress with a ruffled, high neck every day. Just one thing: How do
> you ladies keep from wearing out your pantyhose with just one wearing? Is
> there a brand that you prefer? Perhaps a special washing technique? Do
> you do the old nail poilish repair trick? Is nylon not supposed to go in
> the dryer? Should I try fishnets? You see, I was a carpenter before
> coming to education, and us men don't know all the tricks of the trade.
> Thanks in advance for all your help....
> Eric the Art Guy

Dear Eric,
You sound like an interesting art teacher. Don't you know by now that
if you wear a longer skirt that knee-hi stalkings are much more
comfortable. (You don't have to pull them up at the waste) Some brands
are tighter than others and cut off the circulation. If they are too
loose they bag around the ankles which is very tacky. Of course you
must try to coordinate colors since they come in a confusing variety.
Too dark and you look like you stayed too long under the sun lamp.
Black is of course the color of the profession and goes with nearly
everything. If you use the fake taning cream then sometimes you can get
away with NO stalkings at all.
Careful with the foundation - it must blend with the neck color. And
remember, hairspray is flamable. Oh yes, don't walk across the lawn in
high heels and home permanents are always bad. (Dolly Parton said that!)
You sound very professional. Good luck this year.

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