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Sat, 1 Feb 1997 08:37:26 -0800

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That sounds EXACTLY lixe my son but with a different family situation. He also
has a visual/motor disability and his characteristics are IDENTICAL. Ryan is a
gifted artist and great thinker. I love Ryan and so do his teachers but school
work sure is trying. He's 14.

Let's pray that teachers will understand that learning involves dialogue, class
discussions and other stimuli which the ARTS are a vital component. Ryan wasn't
allowed to be in an Art Club because of his grades. Please art teachers beware
and alerted to the very gifted talents of children who are not able to spell or
do worksheet work!

I keep telling Ryan that he's going to love college and he should be successful
in college because professors get away from worksheets and busy work.

I keep all these children in my prayers.

>My son has a learning disability. He's 12 now and the disability wasn't named
>until 4th grade. It's called a visual/motor processing disability. I'd like
>to describe some of his characteristics.
> First- he's smart. He's got a high IQ and has been in the gifted program
>since he was in 2nd grade. We stumbled into that- I think the schools tested
>him for several reasons. One was that he was spaced out and day-dreamy the
>other was that I'd blown the whistle and let his teacher and school counselor
>know that his dad was an alcoholic (also a painter) and that there were a lot
>of problems and tension at home... and that he could use some extra support.
>Scared the heck out of me to let the school in on it... but ultimately it
>helped. The only distinctions that were reveled at the time were that he is
>very creative (Torrence test) and intelligent... and otherwise "normal".
>The typical LD profile is that there are very high areas and very low areas.
>He cannot spell nor do math facts, his writing is crummy looking chicken-
>scratching with a few reversals. His drawing skills are good. He's got a
>serious aspect- and great knowledge of history. I'd say he's a 12 year old
>combination of Jim Carey and Abraham Lincoln :-). Last year his teacher said
>that if she had to pick the best thinker in the class (a class of gifted
>kids- he was the only gifted/LD child) it would be Colin! In 4th grade he was
>reading at the end-of 11th-grade level.

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