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Re: classroom discipline

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Ken Rohrer (kenroar)
Tue, 27 Feb 96 00:38:50 -0500

>Hello All-
>I desperately need help with ideas for classroom discipline. I have been
>teaching three years in the same school and it is very slowly getting
>alittle better but some classes are still unbearable. I have a tiny
>room(the old coal bin)and the kids are pretty much right on top of each other.
>Does anybody have any tips or systems that work great for them. I would
>appreciate any help.
One thing that has helped me the most is my "noise signal." I cut out
green, yellow, and red circles from construction paper and hang them on a
hook on the wall. I tell them that if their noise level is OK, then its a
green. As soon as they get a little too loud, I put up a yellow and say it
out loud. If they don't quiet down after I say, "yellow" then I begin
counting down from 5. If I get to 1 and they haven't responded, then I put
up a red. A red means 5 minutes of silence (no whispering either) and a
loss of 5 points for the day (points are later used for awards).

During the red if anyone talks or whispers, they get a warning. Here's
how I have warnings and consequences listed for any offense:

1st warning- verbal warning
2nd warning- time out for 5 minutes
3rd warning- time out for 15 minutes with work in the corner
4th warning- parents contacted (I usually have them do the calling and
5th warning- to the principal's office.

My rules are:
1) follow directions the first time (a classic assertive discipline rule)
2) keep hands and feet to yourself
3) clean up your own mess
4) Listen with your mouth closed when someone is talking to the class
5) Use art tools properly

I hope you get a few ideas from this. Discipline is getting to be
pretty challenging for educators.

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