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Re: Technology and Art Education

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sarah ann bowler (sbowler)
Sun, 25 Feb 1996 19:16:12 -0700 (MST)

Hi Danielle!

I am a graduate art education major at the University of New Mexico.
With my degree, I plan to work with new media in art education and the
elderly. I am responding to your e-mail, not with the experience of a
K-12 teacher, but with the experience of an artist and researcher in
these new media. I wish teachers would use computers and especially
video more often in teaching. (I know many, if not most, schools have at
least one camcorder around, and more and more have computer technology.
So equipment is not the main thing.)

It's a lack of understanding of new media. My department would not
except my undergraduate degree in film as an art degree when I was
considering certification. "Film and video are media arts" I am by all
means not advocating an abandonment of traditional media. But an
integration is necessary. (This is not really directed at the readers of
this list serve, because if they are here they believe in the artistic
power of electronic media. But this is not the bulk of the population in

Video/film/computers DO teach a person to see. The professor that told
me a film degree was not an art degree even admited that film/video
people often "see better" than painters. The addition of motion and time
into the picture gives one more to think about when creating art.

New media are just other media. It's a matter of striking a balance,
offering a variety of ways to create expression. It also should be noted
that the more one knows about making television/video art/computer
graphics the less one is manipulated by it.

I hope I've touched on some of your questions, albeit in a 'round about
way. Check out some video art pieces by Sadie Benning. She's a very
young video artist that started with the medium as a teenager. The
company that distributes her work is Video Data Bank in Chicago. (Volume
1 is the best) Her work might also provide some answers.

Sally Bowler sbowler

PS: I love your closing "Always Questioning Technology)--I've been
studying the likes of Marshall McLuhan, Heidegger, Guy Debord, Jean
Baudrillard, and Fredric Jameson (to name just a few) this semester for
an electronic culture class. "Its very in my video this semester"

On Fri, 23 Feb 1996 KS28232 wrote:

> Hello-Is there anybody out there?
> This my first time on ArtsEdNet, so I am feeling a bit nervous and
> unsure. I suppose it is the disconnected feeling of working through
> bunch of keys to express myself and not knowing how the message is
> being preceived. Oh Well, life goes on and we learn in the process
> how to deal with change accordingly.
> The change, I am referring to is the use of technology in the form
> of computers and video equipment in art classrooms across the country.
> With new mediums being created to explore and work within; are today's
> K-12 art students lacking in traditional forms of expression such as
> drawing, painting, or sculpture? (This question may be ahead of its
> time) Or can a computer or a video camera teach a person to see or are
> they just tools used to make the images we see? I wonder if computer
> generated artwork is changing students idea of what art can be? Is
> anyone using video as medium for teaching art? In the seductive frenzy to
> educate today's students to use computers how can a student benefit
> from taking a traditional fine art course?
> Allright already! I shall stop my bombardment of questions and open
> it up to the floor. I am interested in creating a dialogue on the use
> of technology and how it is changing art education.
> Just a little information about my background. I am a post-graduate
> student from Southwest Texas State University and I am in process of
> being certified to teach all-levels of art education. Prior to this I
> was the product of a professional art school and magnet school. The End.
> Always questioning technology--
> Danielle Swint
> Have a great weekend where ever you are!!!