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Jane Allen Sec.5 (JA15425)
Sat, 24 Feb 1996 22:14:14 -0600 (CST)

I have not YET attained proficiency with the descriptive language used
to describe the world of art, however, my life experiences have been generous.
I've hugged a Koala Bear in Australia, I've heard the bells at Canterbury
Cathedral toll their invitation to evensong, I've been deeply moved by the
beauty and passion of Samos and Crete, and I've seen the magnificence of the
Russian landscape unfold while aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway. I could go
on and on about my experiences in life. These experiences have inspired me to
PRODUCE art in the STUDIO specific to these experiences.

Is "doing art" not an avenue of expressing one's feelings, emotions and
convictions? I cannot but advocate a strong positive feeling for the inclusion
of Studio experience in the curriculum of teaching art. To not do so seems
like leading two to the altar whose expectations of marriage are built on a
traditional set of beliefs, where the authoritative figure, needed to allow
them to legally combine both their past experiences and dreams for a satisfied
future, cancels the event telling the parties that the uniting of past
experiences and creative dreams is non-essential. One is convinced by the
authoritative figure that he need not dream and create because he can enrich
his life solely with experiences from the past. The other is told that there
is little value in studying past experiences for it is not essential in order
to tap into the creative self and produce from your unconscious dreams.

While this might be acceptable to some, it seems to me that, "Learning
About Art" from past experience and "Making Art" in the studio are being
advised to go their separate ways. This is not reading, "Life's meaning in
each other's eyes." (Fate by Susan Marr Spalding) To this Artist who is
preparing to become an art educator, it is almost unthinkable to separate the