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Art students and the Internet

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David Parsons (103137.1437)
24 Feb 96 11:18:51 EST


One possible reason for a light response to your internet lesson inquiry is that
many of us are not hooked up at school yet. I'm exploring on-line services at
home in order to prepare for the time next year when massive amounts of cable,
computers, and software are "dumped" into my school, and we're told, "do
something with it." Ironically, we've needed computers for stand-alone tasks
for the last ten years, and even though we could justify the expense, we
couldn't get them. Now, we're being handed the tools on a silver platter, with
the expectation that we will do something on-line - and there is no curricular
support or documented, objective gain from using on-line services (sidebar: if
anyone knows about objective studies, please post them). Sometime in the
future, I have no doubt that our administrators will come back to us asking for
accountability, and if we cannot show how the internet helps our students
(objectively! Not with subjective anecdotes!) they will yank all of this neat
stuff they handed us without guidance in the first place. I believe a similar
thing happened nationwide during the first phase of personal computing in the
early '80s: Schools got big money for computer labs, bought lots of untried and
untested equipment, couldn't prove significant gains in education for having
those labs - and the money became tight, with foundations and agencies reluctant
to fund equipment, even though the equipment evolved into something far more
useful and schools discovered much better ways to use it.

There's going to be a lot of classroom trial and error as we all integrate the
internet into our curricula. Some of us won't have the chance for another
couple of years - and then we'll be expected to get results immediately. I hope
we pull it off.

Dave Parsons

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