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Here is Joyces second informative letter on her evaluation process.

Todd Drake
New Garden Friends School
Greensboro, NC

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Aloha Todd, I would like to add a few things now! We have never felt like
we are locked into things at my school and can change whatever, whenever,
and are encouraged to do so. Not all teachers are allowed this freedom, so
I often keep my keyboard shut in these kinds of discussions.
On the continuum, we have three check catagories in each of the 3
sections. Each of these are divided into 3 parts so that the checklist is
divided into high, medium, and low even though only one catagory is
Creative Progress: Consistently produces original solutions to problems
Understands lessons concepts
Reluctant to explore new visual ideas and materials
Behavior:Displays leadership, courtesy and self-control
Cooperative and willing
Needs frequent reminders concerning behavior
Work Habits:Self-motivated, capable of independent work
Attentive;completes classroom work
Disorganized;unproductive;work often incomplete

The most important thing to us is the student evaluation on the back. In
order to avoid using I like it, it is junk, it was easy, etc. I have a list
of Reflections that they can refer to as they write about their
experiences. Other classes, like English, have borrowed my list for their
1.What were you trying to accomplish? Did you succeed? Why or why not?
2.What decisions did you have to make while you were deveoping your
piece(ideas to technique,,,)
3.What are some of your best experiments with this piece?
4.What did you learn?
5.How has your art changed from last year to this year?
6.If you were to redo this piece, what would you do differently? Why?
7.Did you take risks with this experience? How? has your work grown in art this semester?
9. What problems did you have? How did you solve these problems?
10. What part(s) of this piece do you think works best? Why?

I suggest to the students that they use a different Reflection for each
evaluation, not in order, but which one applies the best. The parents
really know about their children and their work. Our parents are most
supportive. Often when a piece is not taken home and the evaluation is on
the back of the report, they will call to see if Johnny took it home(NO,he
did NOT). For fun, I have given some freebie art history time to parents,
and some lessons, but the parents usually don"t ask on our level. Our
glassblower on the 9-12 gives evening workshops for parents/teachers. They
pay him well!
Have to go to a meeting. Thanks for listening. Pass it on if you like.

Joyce Finley at Punahou School, Honolulu, Hawaii jfinley