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Fri, 23 Feb 96 00:26 EST

Recently I requested input on improving my evaluation process. Joyce from
Hawaii has offered some wonderful ideas that her school uses and has agreed
to share them with Artedneters.

Todd Drake
New Garden Friends School
P.S.- Are there any other Friends school art teachers out there?

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>I am interested in communicating with one or more teachers on how they
>evaluate their students. My school uses evaluations rather than grades on
>their K through 8 graders.
>I will share my evaluation forms by fax with anyone interested and would
>like to see what others are doing.
>Todd Drake
>New Garden Friends School
>Greensboro, NC
>E-mail: NCSearch
Aloha todd! My school has always had non-graded art from K-12. K-4
assesments are based on goals that the child wants to develop, portfolios,
written comments about their work by the teacher. 9-12 has a contract
system for art where the criteria is spelled out and the student literally
chooses the grade they want to strive for that semester. The student then
has to fulfill the stringent requirements for the grade. I am one of 2
teachers that work with grades 5-8. In 5-6 the front of the assessment has
a statement that we wrote about what is covered that semester, a section
for written comments entitled "Student Strengths", "Challenges(goals) that
we are working on together" that the student takes from their written goal
card that they created at the beginning of the semester, a section for
parent responses, goals in art for their children that they return with the
packet. The back of the assessment is for student evaluation. It is divided
into columns across the top: Date, Art Concept, sketch and/or Description/
Student's evaluation. Horizontially, we have 7 spaces for 7 experiences
that they did in art. We do more than 7 things so they can choose what they
want to evaluate. On the 7-8 grade level, we have to use Pass/Fail. The
assessment has the same evaluation on the back like 5-6. The front has a
statement about the class(Sculpture, Drawing&Painting, General Art, 7th
grade Art), a continuum to be checked for creative Progress, Behavior, Work
Habits. Then there is a space for written comments. We want to change this
card next year, but it still has to sorts fit in with the other teachers of
grades7-8. I suppose that the one thing that we have always kept on our
assessment changes is the Student Evaluation on the back. My classes are
partially on a trimester and partially on a semester. I am always
interested in other assessment forms.Perhaps you could share your major
ideas. Mahalo, Joyce

Joyce Finley at Punahou School, Honolulu, Hawaii jfinley