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Dorian Lewis 04/Mathis 1002 (DL20694)
Wed, 14 Feb 1996 00:10:59 -0600 (CST)

Hi! My name is Dorian Lewis and I'm currently attending
Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos. As this
is my last semester of classes with student teaching
beginning in the Fall, I am filled with general questions
that I'm sure have been asked before, but I need to
find answers or advice for. I am interested in secondary
education, mainly High School level art, and plan to
teach at this level when I receive my certification.
I am anticipating next semester when I'll be doing my
practice teaching and would like a base of practical
knowledge which I can build on; although I've taught
lessons at several high schools in the area, the
majority of my art ed. classes have been theory only.

One of my main questions deals with motivation in the
aspect of motivating the student in my class who is
either taking my art class because he/she deems it an
"easy A", or the student who is placed in my classroom
for disciplinary measures. My role as a teacher is not
to "babysit" these students, but to educate themand
possibly arouse their interest in the subject. If I
can't motivate these particular students, how can I
keep their lack of interest from affecting the other
students who ARE interested in art? I know that a
lot of motivation lies in the presentation of the
subject matter and this is a rather broad question, but
it is something that I'm sure a lot of first-time
teachers (as well as those who have been teaching for
some time) find relevant.

Thanks for helping me begin to find the answer to this
question, and I would like to add that I find the idea
of a resource such as this that is fairly accessible to
future educators and is full of answers to all sorts
of questions pertaining to the arts an invaluable tool!
Thanks again!

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