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Re: Future Art Teacher in Texas

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Scott Walters (
Tue, 13 Feb 1996 08:29:36 +0000

>Do you think that the business aspect of art should be taught at
>the secondary level, and if so, how? How can the serious aspiring
>studio artist's question (or his or her parents'), "How can I earn
>a living as an artist?", be answered? Do you think dealing with these
>reality issues are important in the h.s. curriculum?

See Craig Roland's response in the "Who are Artists" discussion. I copy:

"Learning how to think like an artist means learning how to:

* reframe problems and ideas in order to generate new perspectives.
* find relationships between different ideas and events.
* find beauty in everyday things and situations.
* arrange things in different and interesting ways.
* go beyond the obvious and avoid habitual thinking.
* work hard and at the edge of your potential.
* take conceptual risks and expose yourself to possible failure.
* persist where others may give up.
* dream and fantasize.
* rely on yourself rather than others to judge the worth of your ideas and work.
* suspend judgement so that all possibilities might be considered.
* do something simply because it's interesting and personally challenging to do.
* drop unproductive ideas and temporarily set aside stubborn problems.
* concentrate your effort and attention for long periods of time."

The above skills make the student artist able to make a living in any
field. Beyond that, I don't think job skills training is important. Any
parent who can't look around our society and recognize that visual art is
everywhere in evidence, from the cereal packages to the museum walls, isn't
trying real hard anyway. Students should be encouraged to focus purely on
their art, and worry about making a living later -- there is plenty of time
for that.

Scott Walters

College of Fine Arts
Illinois State University
Normal IL 61790