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Re: [teacherartexchange] Kandinsky - help with specific music


From: Judy Decker (judy.decker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun Feb 18 2007 - 13:46:02 PST

Hi Chris,

This excerpt lists some specific music:
Excerpted from "Kandinsky: Compositions", by Magdalena Dabrowski
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Here are some specific works:
"After a concert of Schoenberg's music in January 1911, Kandinsky
established contact with the composer, and the two wrote and
collaborated intensively for the next few years.

"The painting Kandinsky did after this 1911 concert is one of many of
Kandinsky's works on display in the rooms of the Schoenberg Centre.
Entitled Impression 111 (Koncert) it exploits bright colours and bold
shapes, which are expressive in their own right without references to
the outside world distracting from their immediate effect."
"Kandinsky is believed to have had synaesthesia, a harmless condition
that allows a person to appreciate sounds, colours or words with two
or more senses simultaneously. In his case, colours and painted marks
triggered particular sounds or musical notes and vice versa. The
involuntary ability to hear colour, see music or even taste words
results from an accidental cross-wiring in the brain that is found in
one in 2,000 people, and in many more women than men.

"Synaesthesia is a blend of the Greek words for together (syn) and
sensation (aesthesis). The earliest recorded case comes from the
Oxford academic and philosopher John Locke in 1690, who was bemused by
"a studious blind man" claiming to experience the colour scarlet when
he heard the sound of a trumpet."

Review of Synesthesia:

Here is a CD with music Kandinsky may have listened to:
Kandinsky was only interested in music composed in his time, the
avant-garde. This program highlights the transition from the Romantic
period to the modern composition. Included are works by Schoenberg,
Busoni, and Berg. CD: $19.95

More on Kandinsky and Schoenberg:

I also found this composer mentioned:
Alexander N. Scriabin (1872 - 1915), the Russian composer

I found this spelling also - Arnold Schönberg

Mark Hardin review of some of Kandinsky's compositions:
I would look up this book:
Kandinsky: Compositions
by Magdalena Dabrowski
Published by the Museum of Modern Art

Judy Decker

On 2/18/07, chris massingill wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am working on a lesson plan to introduce my students
> to Kandinsky and abstract painting (5th & 6th grade)
> the idea is to show them his work while listening to
> some Wagner and then allow them to make some sketches
> and paintings to more contemporary - later 20th C
> music - jazz, blues, etc.

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