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Re: Re:[teacherartexchange] My Product Preferences


From: Barb Felsecker (felsecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Wed Feb 01 2006 - 20:01:56 PST

In my acrylic painting classes I have the students (each) bring in a 150 ct.
bag of styrafoam plates and a small spray bottle. They usually use one
plate each day of class during the term (approx. 42-45 days). We go over
the characteristics of acrylic paint and I remind them daily to take only
about a quarter's worth of the colors they need, at a time. They can always
come back and get more if they need to. About 20 minutes before class
ends, I have them return their palettes to me and I scrap off any of the
left-over acrylic paint that I can salvage that isn't "spoiled", back into
the jars while they make sure their brushes are all cleaned thoroughly and
their table is cleaned off. Then into each jar, I spritz a little water,
mix it up with the paint, and screw the lid back on. This "economizing"
works well for my classes. I also use scrap illustration board pieces cut
into narrow strips for stir well for scooping up paint from
the jars. Dick Blick had a great sale, recently, on Liquitex Basics in the
smaller 8-oz jars and also the black and white in the larger 32-oz jars
(about 48% off).


I also save up all my Cool Whip containers for water bowls. Glass breaks
and tin cans get rusty.
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> Hi Amy,
> As to the towels: they are just cut up bath towels--I brought a bunch of
> old ones from home. I pretty much use them for about a week--then the
> custodian takes them away and they get washed, and he returns clean
> ones--rags, they call them. (He just started doing this for me, for some
> reason--guess he likes me!--otherwise, I would probably bring them home
> every week to wash them. The ones I brought from home have gotten combined
> with the school's rags--but that's o.k.--nice to have them get washed!)
> My room is really hot--I have a counter where the vents pour heat, so
> often during lunch I throw the towels on there, and they're dry by the
> time lunch is over. Then I re-use them. At the end of the day, I drape
> them over the counters to dry during the night. I encourage kids, when
> they are cleaning their brushes, to get the paint off the brushes in the
> water before they dab the extra water off on the towels--so they don't get
> full of paint. I just started doing this this year, and I really like
> it--used to have the kids get paper towels, but ours are very
> nonabsorbent--and it's just one more thing to have to deal with. As for
> the cool whip bowls--they are all the same--I let kids know that if they
> really clean the brushes in the water--and then dry them on the
> towels--that they don't have to keep running to change the water
> continually. When a class cleans up--the kids refill the containers and
> leave them on the counter for the next class to use. Avoids having such a
> traffic jam at my one small sink when we are getting supplies ready.
> With the magazine pages--I tear out a bunch of pages, then trim the edge
> with the paper cutter (so they don't stick together). I keep them in a
> box on the counter. It sounds like a pain, but it really doesn't take
> long to cut a whole bunch. (One note: I have learned to be selective about
> the magazines I cut up--all of them are magazines donated by parents, but
> some of the ads can make some of the rowdy kids very silly and
> disrespectful--underwear ads, etc. So much for women's mags!) When they
> are getting ready for painting, someone at each table gets a page for each
> person at their table. Then, if they need to, they get additional pages
> (throwing their old ones away).
> So, anyway--works for me. Oh--I don't use this method with acrylic
> paint--for that, I save small plastic lidded containers (which parents
> have donated), and set up five trays worth of the various colors that I us
> Mary H.
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> From: "Amy Broady" <>
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> Sent: Monday, January 30, 2006 9:12 PM
> Subject: Re: Re:[teacherartexchange] My Product Preferences
>> Mary, your system sounds neat--thank you for describing it so well. We
>> teach the same grades, so I am most intrigued. (Well, I do not offically
>> teach K, but I do squeeze in a volunteer class with my son's kindergarten
>> class each month.)
>> What kind of cloth towels do you use--are they like tea towels or hand
>> towels or shop towels? And how long do they get used before you need to
>> wash or toss them? Do the coolwhip bowls represent different muck levels
>> for rinsing brushes, or are they all the same?
>> Are the magazine pages cut apart in sections of many pages, or do they
>> use individual pages?
>> Sorry to have so many questions, but if I do decide to use liquid tempera
>> this year, I think I might use your system as a model. Can't hurt to try!
>> Thanks again,
>> Amy
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