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RE: thoughts on being a pack rat


From: Judi Morgan (judi.morgan_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Mon Feb 28 2005 - 15:40:02 PST

The fun part of coming behind a pack rat is the treasures you might
find! When I was cleaning up after my predecessor, I came upon a drawer
that was full of scrunched, sticky stencil templates. I gingerly lifted
them up (not knowing how thick the garbled mess truly was) and found the
treasure! A stack of original prints by the likes of Picasso, Kollwitz,
Miro, Steinberg and Duchamp!!!!! Miraculously, they were not dirty or
smushed or anything. I couldn't believe my eyes. I scooped them up,
took them to a nearby college where I knew the printmaking professor to
ask him if I had what I thought I had...he took one look and sent me
down to another college where they have a gallery and an expert in
prints. I had what I thought I had...especially the Kollwitz. The
expert sent me to the frame shop that they use at their gallery to have
them re-matted and protected. Where is Antique Road Show when you need

The amazing thing is that no one at the school knows where they came
from. It was like being Sherlock Holmes, asking alumni, retired
faculty, writing letters to past headmasters...dead end.

So...I keep them in a safe drawer in the library and have the pleasure
of pulling them out, presenting them to new students and telling them my
wonderful story.

Moral of the story: Don't clean a pack rat's pack too quickly! :)

Judi Morgan
Saint George's School
2929 W. Waikiki Road
Spokane, WA 99208

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<< dried up, ruined brushes; chunky

tempera paints; 25 year old artwork (no kidding); stuff no one could

possibly use... >>

hahaha...yup...that was my room too! After 6 years...I still have a
closet I
haven't seen the back of! The first three summers I spent 6 weeks each
summer cleaning my classroom. Of course it makes it really difficult
when parents
complain that the room is messy when I know how much effort constantly
into cleaning it and how bad it was when I got it! Oh well!