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Re: Grading


Date: Sun Feb 27 2005 - 08:21:31 PST

The thing that has helped me the most with grading mass quantities of
kidlets is to photograph their work for the web, then slide their
thumbnail sized photos into a word document table portfolio. I create
the table in word....1 column, 22 rows. I make a table for each class.
I can write anything I want in there, but find that since I can look at
EVERYTHING a kid does in thumbnail size, I am not having to write
ANYTHING much prior to comment writing time. It's amazing to see nearly
a whole year's worth of work in their files now. I can tell so much
about these kids that I couldn't before. I can also stick a thumbnail
into a comment if I want to show a parent right in the comment what I am
referring to!

I copy and paste comments to a point. I have a lead paragraph that I
paste into each kid's comment. Same for all in grade level, it tells
what skills and concepts kids have been introduced to, introduces major
projects, etc. In the second paragraph, I talk about the specific kid,
and can so easily mention something from their portfolio in a personal
and descriptive way as I look at their thumbnail printout while I write
the comments. I have comments saved from previous years (a ton of good
ones.) I have several files of saved sample comments with titles like ,
"Glowing girl," "glowing boy," "average girl," "average boy" (those are
always hardest to write for me.), and "serious issues". I am always
adding to those comment files by copying and pasting new comments that I
write that are good ones into the saved old samples. Keeps it fresh and
gives me many to choose from so they don't all sound the same. So, when
I look at a kid's portfolio and see excellence, I look in my "glowing"
files and find a stock comment that says it all for them, then all I
have to do is type in a sentence that mmentions something descriptive
and personal about that kid's work, and bingo...comment finished. I get
great reviews on my comment writing now. Parents and administrators
appreicate them. It only took me 30 minutes to do my recent 6th grade
metals comments on Friday. I had the thumbnails and sample comments
ready and nailed the sucker in 30 minutes! Yes, it takes a while to
photo and rename photos. I think it is well worth the time, as I am no
longer having to spend all of that time noting things on a daily basis.
Occasionally I add things daily to the portfolios in terms of notes from
me about a kid on a bad day/awesome day, quote the kid, etc. It
accomplishes two things...I really know my kids better than I ever have
before, parents and kids love the website, I can share with you guys on
our site, kids have portfolios, and it makes my grading and comment
writing SO much easier. I'm really fast at the photo thing now, too.
Practice gets you there!

Linda Woods

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