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Re: Sneak Peak - my NEW Home Page ;<)


Date: Thu Feb 10 2005 - 04:30:28 PST

I put together a fabulous powerpoint from your Haitian resources, Judy.
Have yet to use it! But I will. I have zillions of fabulous
powerpoints just sitting in the wings waiting for the mood to strike.
All of them are because of this list, Judy's resources, and Artsonia.
(Except for the ones where I photographed my own demos and resources
from all of my own projects stored in boxes and files and made PPTs from
my demos.) I could be such a fabulous curriculum coordinator, haha.
Everyone in my district could work off of my PPTS for years. I really
worked myself to the bone for those first two years harvesting and
organizing all of the good stuff. Now I am much more picky and relaxed
about the harvest, lol. Each of my grade levels has a whole CD or more
than one filled with potential. Each PPT is dragged into a MS Word
table where the first image on the PPT is shown in the table cell.
(I'll never forget how totally THRILLED and flipped out I was the first
time I discovered that if you drag a PPT title from your document folder
or files into a cell on a MS WORD table it automatically shows the first
image of the PPT in the cell. If you click on that image in the table,
the WHOLE PPT opens up on your screen and you can show your PPT right
from your table index of images if you want. I usually still show my
PPTS right off of the long CD list for each grade level, though. I put
six images on a page, so in "Insert, Tables" I select 2 columns, six
rows, and it automatically adds that number of table cells to the word
doc. I put the date at the top of the first cell and the grade level,
then slide the images in, one by one. I also write which CD the images
are found on in the first table cell of each page (each page will all be
on the same CD along with lots of other pages on the same CD which is
crammed with PPTS). Then all I have to do to know wht I have is look at
the image tables printed out in my notebook and each table lists at the
top which CD those images are on so I can locate them easily. I put
each page in a grade level section in my notebook so I can see at a
glance what WONDERFUL inspirational treasures from this list, Judy's
list, and Artsonia I have to choose from as the mood strikes! No book
is better, no magazine is better, no text series is better than what I
have gained from my dedication to reading these lists. Of course, I
know I could never sell my CD's. Its just my way of organizing
everythng I see as I like it in a way I can know what is out there that
I would ever want to teach in my classroom. It's funny how I can't talk
myself out of some of the units I do every year and why I keep those in
my curriculum, but this sure does keep my curriculum flexible and always
changing, and it's now so easy!!! What's so sad is that we can do so
few projects each year with our kids. There is so much potential that I
can never fit in!!! Thank you everyone for sharing on these lists. We
are such a godsend for each other. Nothing is better inspiration. I
toast to all of us!

Linda Woods

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