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Artist in resdinc videos


From: Hillmer, Jan (hillmjan_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Tue Feb 10 2004 - 05:47:23 PST

Patricia, and others who have them,
are these videos appropriate for elementary students?
I'd like to start playing videos of artists doing similar work to what's being done in the classroom. I'll take all ideas and suggestions. I already have a few of the Penn and Teller series.

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From: Patricia Knott []
Sent: Friday, January 30, 2004 5:59 PM
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Subject: RE: Top-Ten Subliminal Learning List

Jan asked:
> Patricia, I was rereading this and would love to know the titles of some of
> the videos of artists working. I love some of your learning environment
> ideas.

Okay I'll try. My video library is almost as big as my print library. I'll try to give a list from memory.
First, let me say, I hardly ever buy or use commercially produced art videos. I don't think I've ever seen anything as boring as the art tapes that are pushed on us. I can't get through them without snoozing so I expect not much more from the kids...
    just an aside why isn't someone producing good videos on art that kids will pay attention to?

1. I am addicted to CBS Sunday Morning. Last week they had their 25th anniversary show and I realized that I had on tape most of what they highlighted on that show. Every week CBS offers something about some kind of art and I keep my VCR ready for instant record. Segments are 10-15 minutes long and perfect for kid attention. I really wish that CBS would market these segments. Some time ago, several of us on this list, wrote to CBS asking that they produce such a video, but they don't see the value in it. These artist segments are precious...... maybe we could start a campaign again.???? and if you don' watch Sunday Morning DO

2. At the moment the title escapes me. Several years ago, Penn and Teller did a series for PBS on art. It was intended for little kids but I find the big kids love it as well. Someone on this list referred to it recently in conjunction with Thieband. This is a wonderful set of tapes and well worth the price. Someone help me with the title?

3. A while ago, Chris Anderson, producer of the "Artist in Residence" tapes, joined this list to get feedback on what he is doing. Chris documents Ohio artists and crafts people in "real time." The tapes are about process. I have kept in contact with Chris and obtained many of his tapes for reviewing. I also collaborated with him on developing lessons to correspond to his artists. These are a good resource for "artists working." Process and intent is emphasized. I often run these tapes as "background." They are a great source for people that are "following bliss."

4. A couple of years ago the Discovery channel produces a series called "Faces." When I do any of my portrait units I run this as background. It is 4 hours long, but it explores and explores our perceptions of faces. It is a great series and my kids love it.

5. And then I just pick and choose. I mentioned Funny Face, I think I have everything ever done by Wegman. He is a serious artist whose stuff goes way beyond the commercial and the Sesame Street.

6. I show the original Broadway production of Into the Woods all the time. Kids love this show and if you don't know how valuable the fantasy and creativity e-mail me.

I am working on a workshop as to how to most effectively use video clips to enhance learning exploration. ( Pam Stephens is also doing this and I thank her her for the help she has given me) I am working on how the subliminal best enhances learning. What is sensed and how much the teacher needs to explain. Just what messages do we give?

I am guilty that I run my classroom the way I learn. I NEED to be barraged with all kinds of images. I NEED all resources. I know this is too much for some kids but I also know that in my barrage of images some kids, kids I never suspect, find a source to be inspired by.

Don't make everything a lesson
give opportunities and options
give them everything that you love and guess what they will give it back

free yourself from standards -- and they will be free too

I often wonder------ if the teacher questions every move then how do the kids respond?
jeez art is the one place where freedom should be the priority

keep it free
trust yourself remember why you love art and not what the standards say and give them the things that made you love art. My resources are my resources. They may not work for many of you.
I truly believe you can only truly teach art when it comes from your own heart and no video or text book reflects your heart ------- just think about your heart things and bring that to the kids

whoa maybe I have a new platform
Heart Art ( only because, with my Advanced students, I've been thinking about giving them nothing beyond the the Cave painters and see where is goes from there.)

Okay, I've had too many snow days this week