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RE: Wipe out "perfectionism" - when it comes to art + Penn and Teller


From: Hillmer, Jan (hillmjan_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun Feb 08 2004 - 15:19:29 PST

Judy, You mentioned teaching the students to draw from observation, and yet recognizing that we each see things a little differently. The Penn and Teller series has one video that includes David Hockney. This video is pretty cool 'cause it shows how he does an 'observational drawing/painting' of a chair - from many of it's various views. My realistic nature finally got a sense of what was happening - it gave me a whole new understanding of Picasso, too. Maybe it's simplistic, but sometimes we just gotta be shown.

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        Greetings all from the real "Judy Decker".....
        OK -- I am breaking my own new rule... I am going to post with my Road
        Runner account and put another email address out there for the bots to pick
        up.... More Spam for me -- more Virus emails for me...oh well....
        Thank you Woody for bringing this topic to Getty list for me....AND thank
        you Larry for your beautiful post (that I will share with the other lists --
        via the archives). Oh please folks -- let us not "Wipe out Woody"!
        Larry - I like teaching my lessons using stories too....but I won't bore all
        of you with my stories today.
        Just remember that striving for Excellence -- and Perfectionsim - are not
        the same thing.
        Also remember there are four theories of Aesthetics -- for a very good
        reason....and remember there are at least four styles of expression....Maybe
        one of your students will hit upon a new one?
        I was a "slow learner"..... It took me along time to learn the right ways to
        teach art. I am just hoping to put some of the new list mebers on the fast
        track. My own son taught me a lot...and I will be forever greatful! I thank
        him all the time.
        By all means DO teach them to draw from observation - that is so important -
        just be open to the ways they see things, too. It does them no service when
        you point out that you see it differently (at least not to a child). And DO
        teach them to follow your lead (Aaccckk! Linda - I know a teacher who does
        the same as you -- the kids all do the same work -- boring!)... But be open
        to ways they interpret your instructions. I think I told you abou tthe
        class I took one summer where everyone thought I was given different
        assignments? I assured them I was doing the same lessons - just my own
        interpretation. I used that with my students for years and it worked!
        I did enjoy seeing one of my topics end up on Getty list...To anyone who is
        a member of the other lists. You ALL have my permission to share the topic
        with Getty.
        Have a Great Day! (and thank to all who have emailed me that they "miss" me)
        Judy Decker
        P.S. My Getty mail IS the reason this deluge of Spam and viruses emails is
        happening to me. I got that confirmed by an "Expert" ...and the same goes
        for all of you. The more times you are out there-- the more Spam and virus
        emails you will get. I still get about 200 virus emails a day....delete -
        delete - delete. Silly me -- I was even putting my Road Runner address out
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