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Staff community-building art activity - pics in ArtsEducator files


From: dkj (jouets_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Feb 28 2003 - 12:57:18 PST

Hi all,
A couple of months ago, I asked for advice about doing an art activity
as a community-building exercise during a staff meeting.
I uploaded 3 photos of the results of that activity to the Arts Educators
Yahoo files (and apologize in advance if the photos are too large, too
small, too fuzzy or any of the other things they could be if someone who
doesn't do this kind of thing does it anyway!)
How it went:
I cut up scrap foamcore in different sizes and stamped (rubber stamp
alphabet) in permanent ink 5 different art quotes - a word or 2 or 3 on
each piece. Holes drilled for putting together (an awl would have worked).
The backs were labeled according to the tables in the art room; a number
for the beginning of the activity and a letter for the last step.
(Tables were labeled 1-A, 2-B, 3-C, 4-D, and 5-E;
 1-5 were random, A-E for each quotation.)
On each table in the art room I set out watercolors, oil pastels, Colorific
pigment markers, metallic markers, and Blow Pens (with squeeze bulb
accessory). Design element and related rubber stamps were set out
on one of the counters.
All of the foam core pieces went into a bag and with me to the meeting.
After explaining that this was an open-ended exploration with the art
materials, (the only direction I gave was that if one used rubber stamps,
that watercoloring should be done first, as the stamp pads set out were
not permanent.), I gave each participant one or two of the foamcore
pieces and they headed to the artroom for the numbered table on
the back of their piece(s). To end the activity, staff members were to take
their piece(s) to the lettered table (A-E) and put the quotes together.
If time allowed, pipe cleaners and beads were provided to put the quotations
together for hanging.
1. Everyone seemed to enjoy the experience ~ really enjoyed the squeeze
bulb blow pens (I just found these at target and bought 5) and some
gravitated to rubber stamps.
I was surprised that they didn't know using the oil pastels and then the
watercolor would create a resist.
2. This activity was scheduled for the end of the meeting (at the end of the
contract day), and naturally, instead of the original 20 minutes scheduled,
only about 10 minutes remained.
(As the activity was to take place in the art room, about 25% of the staff
ditched as we exited the LMC. Oh well, I remember when I had a life, too...)
3. This was labor-intensive to prepare for, considering the actual
time spent participating. Besides the agonizing angst, there was the prep
setting out materials and cleaning up. Though I liked the way the rubber
letters looked, next time I'd just use a wide chisel permanent felt marker
to write
the words. And next time I'll enlist help!
4. Since 20 minutes turned into 10, I ended up putting them together...
Used pipe cleaners and beads from a Christmas garland bought on clearance.
Didn't take long since the holes were drilled.
Many thanks to everyone for their ideas and advice!