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Re: ideas for mural


Date: Fri Feb 21 2003 - 05:27:55 PST

I was up late the last night and 3 days into comment writing late
nights. So, please, don't read my original post about ideas for my
mural....this will do a better job of explaining it, I promise!

First....we made Eric Carle collages on 18 x 24 paper and we are
currently using up tons of left over painted paper for the mural.
Second, we made marker stained coffee filters which were stained with
water and glued into black lacy cutout designs as stained glass windows.
We are using the left over 18x24 " prints" that resulted from being the
matt that the coffee filters were placed upon on the day we sprayed them
as flowers for the mural and other parts of the mural that we are
currently making. So, we are making this mural from scraps left over
from two already finished and gorgeous projects.

NOW....the part about the mural, which will make more sense than my
original bleary eyed post. The Mural is a spring mural with giant
flowers of staggering heights, birdhouses on tall poles, and all sorts
of real and imagined birds, bugs, bunnies, squirrels, a beehive, etc.
It will be on a rich electric royal blue roll paper background, and the
kids will also make the grass. It will be a very simple design and it
has giant appeal to second graders.

1. The left over paper that resulted from being the placemat underneath
the sprayed coffee filters are being used to make giant flowers that
will be embellished with the Eric Carle leftovers and plain construction
paper. THey will be somewhat 3-D, with paper curling, multiple cutting,
fancy scissors, hole punches (tiny ones to cut away holes and then put
colored paper behind the flower to fill the holes with colors). They
are really, really beautiful.

2. I'm thinking of keeping the background to the birdhouses various
shades of tan, brown, yellow orange, but letting them trim them, shutter
them, shingle them, etc. with any paper they wish. THe poles that hold
them up will have some vines on them with smaller flowers from multiple

3. We colored enough coffee filters to still have a sprayed filter left
over after the stained glass windows were assembled. This left over
filter is being used as wings on some of the birds and bugs, but not all
of them. Others will use Eric Carle paper and construction paper.

I can honestly tell you that this mural is, at the moment, the reason I
get up in the morning, as it is so beautiful, innocent, and fun to
create. I often think about it's contrast with what is going on in the
world outside of my comprehension. I am thinking about inviiting world
leaders and icky power mongers and evil axis members to an art summit
and letting them cut out bugs and make pretty flowers. I think that
would solve it, don't you?????? Does anyone want to make the party
invitations for me???