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Re: Posting on this list is a mistake- don't stop doing what you want to do (like posting here ) just because of others !!!


From: Christine Besack (mrsbeeswax_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Thu Feb 20 2003 - 02:45:07 PST

Hi All,
 We go through this every couple months, he said she said I meant, I thought blah blah blah. Please don't stop posting to this list, let others say what they will... like I ask my students ... (in response to name calling and gossiping)
"Is it true ??" well... If not then you have nothing to worry about. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion...
Do you have to agree with it??? ... No....
But that's what this is all about, expression of ideas. Freedom of speech.
Freedom to read, internalize, DELETE, and EDIT !!!
Should anyone be rude ... well no.. .but that's MY opinion.
Does an editor have the right to edit... well.. YES that's his or her responsibility.
Do I show nudity to my elementary school students... No .. but that is my choice and my responsibility.
Do I do 32 identical "hand turkey's" with them ??? NO but that again is my choice
re: comments on othe people's anatomy...
Are my "tah's" (or Judy's ) anybody else's concern... NO. (my husband doesn't like me to bare them in public) : )

You gotta love verbal jousting, it does liven the place up a bit !!

KEEP POSTING, keep jousting, keep smiling . it makes them wonder why the Art teacher is soooo damn happy !! I love this list !!!!!!!

Hope this helps, Christine :)
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  From: Seapearls Artworks
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  Sent: Wednesday, February 19, 2003 9:45 PM
  Subject: Posting on this list is a mistake-

  I now understand why some folks are lurkers and are afraid to post on this list. I for one am hurt. Sharing something exciting I have learned or excited about just get me mocked. I guess trying to learn how to be a more effective teacher isn't something understandable for some. Is it too much to ask that if your going to make fun of me that you at least read and understand my e-mail especially the part where it says higher order thinking skills. My point wasn't about behavior it was about actually brain functions and abilities. A couple weeks ago Larry wondered why folks weren't willing to dicuss thinking skills I think I just got the answer. By the way I included the term for what I was speaking about so that if anyone wanted to look into this that they would know the term not to sound high snotty.

  By the way if their hypocampus was not developed they wouldn't be in your school Patty they would be in the vegetable ward.

  Ok I am shutting up and going to lurker status.

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