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Re: politics


From: Aaron Hopkins (hopkiaar_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Mon Feb 10 2003 - 09:52:27 PST

i think i agree with the fact that art is interconnected to almost every
conceivable aspect of life...from religion to politics, to education.
yeah..this is mainly for education, but it is for teachers to interact.
and that's what happens...if the subject says politics and we don't want
to hear about it...then just delete it! keep this forum open to
discussions and ideas about whatever. and if we get more replies from
them political issues rather than thinking skills, so be it. I guess?

>>> 02/09/03 02:53PM >>>
Dawn said:
> art and politics do go hand in hand.
> Think of the Oath of the Horatii, Rape of the Sabine
> Women, and the fantastic images of the French
> Revolution. There is a important history of artists
> dealing with politics and the emails sent have a
> tendency to make me rethink what I should be teaching
> to meet the immediate needs of my students. Maybe
> Franciso Clemente's self portraits done in protest
> each day of the Gulf War are more significant than
> Claude Monet's Field of Poppies or trying to figure
> out where to fit MC Escher's tesselations into my
> "curriculum".

Last week's incident at the U.N provided a perfect opportunity to
relate to
a real issue in my first meetings with my Why Man Creates class. We
discussing the purposes of art making, when I saw the story. Although
always talk about Guernica in this class, I pushed up the discussion to
the current event. It resulted in one of the best class discussions
ever had. The U.N. said " we needed the right background that would
work on
television..." What an opportunity to talk about how powerful an
interpretation and imagery... how lasting the images (even if they are
so "real") and how important the artist is in creating images that
such regard. Of course, the kids knew nothing of the origins of the
painting but they certainly could relate to what may be to come.
bombing indeed! Estimates predict, that if we follow through with
plans, perhaps a half million innocents will be lost.

We can not disregard the reasons for art making, one of which has
been commentary on social and political issues. Achieving technique is
means to the communication, don't forget the purpose of art.

I have been on this list for a few years. Controversy comes and goes.
But I
always hope to find some "thinking" on this list. This should be a
where we discuss the "why for's" as well as the "how to's." I for one,
forward to those people that have been around and offer good advice,
especially those people that question and delve and maybe look for

Politics has as much place on this list as what's the best sharpener to
for colored pencils. And if you think politics have nothing to do with
job ..... consider the implications of No Child Left Behind. And
about some of the stuff Larry Seiler has been saying about what is
in his state.

expecting more snow here in PA