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re: unclogging Elmer's glue bottles (finally something I am really good at !) :)


Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 03:45:27 PST

Hi All,
 A source if constant irritation, students who either cut the tip of the glue
bottle off when you're not looking or jam their pencil point into the top
trrying to un clog it.
Both scenarios leave the bottle invariably useless, unless you really want a
huge fat glob of glue, that is the size of a small child to run out onto
your project
( you never know ! ) :)

SOLUTIONS: (now I know why I am home sick today)
1) soak the little orange lids in a bucket of hot water (overnight is best,
or over a weekend ) also soak the white caps for tough clogs.
This turns the rock hard glue clog in to flexible mush. (you can also let
yourself soak in a hot tub for a prolonged period of time, also turning your
sore, tense muscles into mush )
2) After soaking, use a large paperclip, uncurl half of it into a straight
"magic glue unclogging tool"
Only to be used by a trained profesional (which I happen to be ) ;)
wrk the clog from both ends of the cap(off of the glue bottle)
Poke or pick out the clog. I love to refer to this as "glue boogies". The
kids crack up.
I have students who beg me to do this job.... (go figure )
3) Have your students get into the habit of wiping the glue bottles "runny
noses" when they are finished with their gluing. Another job that kids like
to do.
Aren't they funny :)

This will save you much angst and money, as you can refill the bottles from a
gallon refill for a long time to come.

It all the little things that we are experts at that makes art teachers just
so darn much fun. !!!!!

Thanks for letting me share my knowledge (tee hee)
Enjoy the day !! ( LOVE THIS LISTSERV )
Christine Besack :)