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Re: Symbolism of color


From: JDecker (JDecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 16:51:33 PST

Thank you to whomever it was who asked about color symbolism...This is a
topic I have been meaning to research and "never got around to it". Please
add more info/sites that you come across. I am particularly interested in
meaning of colors in various cultures (i.e.: African cultures---can't seem
to find specific sites now--othr than the one I have for Zulu).

Native American color symbols--Cherokee
The Four Directions
Colors were associated with the four directions.
Blue represented North which meant cold, defeat and trouble.
White was South representing warmth, peace and happiness.
Red was East, the color of the Sacred Fire, blood,and success.
West was black the color meaning problems and death.
Other colors also had special meanings.
Brown was good but yellow meant trouble and strife.

The circle was also a basic symbol for the Cherokees.
The council houses were circular and the fire inside was
built so that the fire would burn in a circular path.
The stomp dance and other ceremonies were performed
in a circular pattern.
The Iowas---The color of the streamers brings together the four primary
colors in Native American art, the black, yellow, red and white. These
colors are said to represent the four races of man and the four prime
directions of the compass. With its use of color and its chosen emblems the
flag of the Iowas may be the most typical of all Native American

And this was from a site I would not go to with students....but....
I have omitted all of the pagan color symbolism from this page.

Asian Color Symbolism

Red: Happiness, marriage, prosperity
Pink Marriage
Yellow: Against evil, for the dead, geomantic blessings
Green: Eternity, family, harmony, health, peace, posterity
Blue: Self-cultivation, wealth
Purple: Wealth
White: Children, helpful people, marriage,
mourning, peace, purity, travel
Gold: Strength, wealth
Gray: Helpful people, travel
Black: Career, evil influences, knowledge,
mourning, penance, self-cultivation

Native American Color Symbolism

Red (Faith): Communication
Yellow (Love): Overcoming challenges through unconditional love
Blue (Intuition): Using intuition to teach and serve
Green (Will): Living willfully
Pink (Creativity): Working
White (Magnetism): Sharing
Purple (Wisdom): Gratitude/healing
Orange (Learning): Kinship
Gray (Honoring): Friendship
Brown (Knowing): Self-discipline
Rose (Seeing): Motivation
Black (Hearing) Harmony; listening
Crystal (Clarity): Wholeness

Astrological Color Associations

Gemini--Red or Purple--Red-blue--Light Blue/Silver
Cancer--Bright Green--Green-brown--Green/Brown
Leo--Golden Yellow/Orange--Red-green--Red/Green
Virgo--Pale Blue or Violet--Gold-black--Gold/Black
Scorpio--Reddish Brown--Brown-black--Brown/Black
Sagittarius--Orange or Purple--Gold-red--Gray/Silver
Capricorn--Brown or Blue--Red-brown--Orange/Brown
Aquarius--Dark Blue--Blue-green--Green/Blue
Pisces--White or Purple--White-green--White/Green

Color meaning --Sacred art (various cultures--appears to be a someone's
research on religious art)