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Re: Help! Does this help ?????


From: Woody Duncan (wduncan_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Feb 24 2001 - 08:14:12 PST

I'm resending a message I got in January, I hope it helps.
                                        Woody in KC

> Sorry, I don't understand how the digest works, or not, as the case may
> be. But if you're not getting your messages, I would suggest privately
> e-mailing someone else to ask if they're having the same problem; if the
> Getty server is down, no one on the list is going to see your cry for
> help anyway.
> Maggie

ArtsEdNet Listserv Unofficial FAQ

This FAQ has been put together to answer those housekeeping questions that
come up so frequently. This is not an attempt to monitor the list, but to
make communication easier.

1. What is the digest? The list comes in 3 forms Individual messages
sent as they are received, Digest messages from a 24 hour period compiled
and sent out once a day, Index the subject lines of messages from a 24 hour
period compiled and sent out once a day.
2. Why canít we post pictures to an art teachersí list? The digest form
of the list cannot process attachments. They can also cause problems for
people in rural areas with slow connections. Deb Sterner solved this problem
by establishing a photo page for us at
<> . The login is and the password is gettylist
3. How do I unsubscribe, change to no-mail, switch to digest,
switch to
individual messages? Go to
<> login
with your e-mail and click on settings. You can change your subscription
4. Why arenít my messages going through? Go to
<> login
and click settings. See your messages must be set to yes, or you will not
receive a copy.
5. Where are the archives? Good question January 1998 Ė May 2000
are at For November 1999 -
Today got to
<> login
with your e-mail and click on read messages. (This information is
correct as
of 3:03 pm October 4, 2000)
6. What is the art educators alternative or back up list? In the event
that the ArtsEdNet from the Getty goes down for some reason, several members
established a back up list at .
7. Can we post lesson plans? To the list sure, but not as attachments
please. The digest version of the list cannot process them (see #2). Just
cut and paste them into the main body of your e-mail. Also the
<> site has a file area where
members can upload files including lesson plans.
8. Can I use HTML e-mail? Text formatting works best. HTML formatting
can cause problems on the digest and funky colors and backgrounds can make
it difficult to read your message. Because every computer can interpret HTML
differently (especially when in comes to colors) your e-mail might be
completely unreadable on another system. Please use plain text formatting.
9. Please do not send attachments of any type to the list, it scrambles
the digest version. Also it is better to send the info in text format in the
body of the e-mail because not everyone can open all documents

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