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Re: 7th grade lesson ideas


Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 18:20:08 PST

A big hit in my middle school class is "Radial Name Designs"
Trace or compass a 10" circle.
Divide it in half then in quarters. With a ruler , divide one quarter into
four, 2"
pie shape wedges. Repeat in each quarter, so you have 16 wedges.
Trace one 2" X 5" wedge onto a small piece of paper, (thin enough to see
but sturdy enough to use as a tracer )
Beginning at the widest end of the wedge, print their name in block capitol
letters, so each letter touches the top, the bottom and each other. Outline
in permanent marker,(Sharpies work well), then flip it over to the reverse
side and outline the other side in reverse. Try to abbreviate long names,
mine is "Patricia "and it was a challenge.
Put the tracer under the paper and trace each wedge carefully , first regular
then flip to the other side and trace it reversed. Repeat till all 16 wedges
are filled. Each letter must touch the next, every time it's traced. A
Kaleidoscope pattern will begin to form with each repeated letter.
When you color, the first letter must be colored the same color all the way
Example: In James-all the "J's" will be RED. All the 'A's" will be colored
yellow, etc.
Repeat in different colored letters, till the pattern is complete.
We do the base color in bright colored markers and add colored pencil
patterns on top.
The students love this and some go back and outline every letter in a fine
tip Sharpie. Totally BAD....And look great hanging in the halls.
Have fun and congratulations on your baby .