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Unusual Paint Mixtures, compiled


From: MaryAnn Kohl (maryann_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Tue Feb 13 2001 - 21:06:38 PST

The following are the unusual paint mixtures submitted to me, which I have
compiled and returned to you! If you think of any more, let me know! I love
trying new things with kids . Most of these were submitted by people working
with elementary and early childhood kids.

Half tempera paint and half white glue makes a mixture that will work on
glass and other slick surface (Including aluminum foil)

Puff Paint is equal parts water, flour, salt. Add tempera to change color
Place in bottles with small tips to write or draw. Add white paint for the
look of frosting to decorate paper gingerbread men.
corn syrup - makes tempera shiny

Ivory Soap flakes, water and food coloring. Add enough water to whip until
it peaks. good for fingerpainting.
mix 1 t. cornstarch, 1/2 t. water and 1/2 t. cold cream, add food coloring
and stir.
One other thing I might do is bring my hair dryer in and make a ping pong
ball move to each one of them without touching the ball. I would love to
hear what other things you all do for air experiments ...
Jan in Ca.

Colored chalks and buttermilk as a medium. You simply dip the colored chalk
in the buttermilk and paint with it. It creates lovely pastel colors that
have the look of thick oil paints.

Half tempera paint and half white glue makes a mixture that will work on
glass and other slick surface (Including aluminum foil)

Make paint from 1/3 cup powdered tempera and 1 cup cornstarch. Now I buy the
liquid, but sometimes add cornstarch to make it thicker and "stick" better
to the paper.
Jane in SC
homemade paper-mache paste (boiling water and flour together until it gets
thick- 1 cup flour to 3 cups water) and mixing with pigment. Resulting dried
paint will keep its texture
beeswax and turpentine about 3 parts wax to 1 part turpentine. Apply to a
surface hot as a liquid. Called encaustic painting - from the ancient
Greeks .

   Joseph artsednet
Paint the windows of the classroom to look like an ocean. Mix pencil
shavings with the paint for an interesting texture. Kelli Roberts

Jell-O finger paint. Add water to the Jell-O powder so it is like watercolor
paints then fingerpaint on freezer paper or fingerpaint paper.

instant coffee and water for painting in some color and shading on pencil
sketches. Or tea cheaper. Color variations depending how strong you mixed

Mudpainting: Mix sifted soil and water in a cup, stirring. Paint as with any
White Snow Paint
1cup flour 1cup salt 1 cup water The paint is great for snow pictures on
blue or black paper.
Michelle NE
mix 1 cup of shaving cream with 1 cup of white glue. Add food coloring if
desired. Red makes a glorious pink concoction for painting onto stiff
cardboard. White makes a "winter wonderland". It dries to look like "puffy

I just bought a set of easels and drawing boards for my school. I have
enough for a class. I use the drawing boards to do observation drawing
around the school. The kids love it. In the Spring I plan to take them
outside...they love it even more. They know it is a privilege and never ever
mess around when they get the change to take a "field trip" out of the
room! We have drawn on the play ground, hallways, stairs, etc. and we have
lots of dwarf apple trees around our school, when they are in bloom they are
just beautiful!

Chocolate pudding. Mix according to box directions and fingerpaint on
fingerpaint paper or a well cleaned table.

Mix sweetened condensed milk and tempera paint shiny.
Pat Ritter
My favorite paint mixture is a combination to school glue and liquid tempera
paint. It is very "stringy?" . But if you paint it onto tin foil you get a
really neat effect. In the fall I do this with red and green and have the
kids cut the pieces into puzzle like pieces and glue into a predrawn circle
(red) and triangle (green) on black paper. you have an apple. A friend has
done it with blue paint and created snowmen on a pond with older kids. There
are always pumpkins, valentine, Easter eggs, and the list goes on. The only
hold back is that it uses LOTS of glue. It takes about 24 hrs to dry well.

This year I froze liquid watercolors in tiny ice cubes - I have a tray that
makes 60 cute little round cubes - and put foil on top and poked toothpicks
through for the handles. It worked great!

Use liquid water color. freeze plastic spoons in the ice in small paper


MaryAnn F. Kohl