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RE: sketchbooks and murals (HS)

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D Sterner (dsterner)
Wed, 29 Dec 1999 20:35:08 -0500

Does anyone remember the famed assignment of the 50 hour drawing? It was
famous in my high school art course by my infamous art teacher! We did
stiff like a half pepper, a piece of bark, orange rind and we logged the
hours in the margin and submitted the sketchbook for critique and
evaluation. I loved doing those! I have lots of naive sketches of an
eager 16 year old who has learned from those experiences...but all that was
almost 25 years ago!

if you are on a list respond to me directly dsterner
Don't forget to see my students

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Subject: sketchbooks and murals (HS)

Thank you all for responding to my many questions...
Next semester I want to change my sketchbooks from weekly to every 4 weeks.
First semester I graded each sketchbook every Friday...they had an draw an interior, or draw one object showing three
different views...

Some of the sketches were great! Those who are motivated by grades that
I want the students to draw what inspires them but I don't want to see
constant gore and CD covers either. I was thinking of changing my weekly
sketchbooks (graded by rubric) to a quarterly oral discussion with each

Any suggestions? How do others use sketchbooks? What should I be looking
for besides improvement, idea, craftsmanship, use of space....ect.

NEXT> I am doing murals in 2 of my 3 classes at the beginning of next
semester (ON 2 major walls visible by everyone entering the bldg.) I have
never done a mural and I want 2 cohesive murals....I have suggested ideas
like diversity, community and/or the make up of the school
class wants to paint their own individual paintings on the wall.....HELP.

What supplies will I need. Should I use an overhead projector to transfer
the chosen drawing onto the wall?
How should I begin the mural process? (I will be showing examples of local
murals, talking about Riviera and Wyland, and showing examples of photos I
have taken of murals)

Do I need to do an underpainting?
What kind of paint would be best?
How can I get kids to donate?

Those of you who have had successful experiences with murals I would
appreciate any helpful insights. I am a rookie! (First year and LOVING
it....getting better everyday!)

Thanks you so much for all of your advice.

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